Monday, February 16, 2009

Ask Julia: 2/16/09

I had a fun weekend visiting Grandma and Grandpa. They were impressed by all the new things I've picked up since I saw them last month, like the ability to put two words together ("one more," "other room," "pick up") and to recognize colors like red, blue, white, green and pink. I'm seriously smart!

But today's entry isn't about my trip. I'm finally answering some Ask Julia questions that Aunt Paula sent awhile back:

I am glad that you are a pizza lover. What part of the pizza do you like the best?
Well, I'll tell you which part I like the least: the crust! And while I usually eat pizza when it's cut up into tiny pieces, over the weekend I picked up a (kids) slice and had a few bites the real way. Yum!

I understand that you got a hair cut. Where are we going to get to see some pictures of you with your new hairdo?
Yes, I went back to Cozy's a couple weeks ago for my second haircut. You can see it in the photo above.

It sure looks like you have a great time sled-riding. Do you like the big hills the best? Do you think that you might be riding a little roller coaster soon?
I don't love sledding (yet), but I think I will love roller coasters. There are pictures of roller coasters in a few of my books, and Dad always points them out and talks about how he and I are going to go on them. I love going up and down, so I certainly think I'll take to them. I guess that means you have to take me to Cedar Point soon! When will I be tall enough to go on Top Thrill Dragster?

Anything new with that talk of your brother coming soon? You will have lots of fun with him. Do you think that you will get to help out with him? Like feeding or changing diapers? Or do you think you would like burping him?
Mom and Dad still ask me about my brother all the time. And Dad mentions things like, "You have no idea what you're in for," and "You'd better enjoy getting all the attention while you can!" What on earth is he talking about?

Now that my mailbox is empty, it's up to you to fill it up once again!