Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ask Julia: 1/8/09

Before we start, I'd like everyone to keep Grandma in your thoughts. She had some long-in-the-works surgery today and while everything went well, she's got a long recovery ahead so she could use your support.

So now on to some new Ask Julia questions. I know I said that I was done with Christmas stuff, but some of you still had questions about the holidays, so this also gives me an excuse to post the photos I used in this year's Christmas card. First up is Aunt Paula:

Santa was really good to you. How do you know what to play with? Do you have a favorite toy yet?
I've done a pretty good job of spreading the wealth and playing with all my new toys. Several times a day, I spend time playing with my Cozy Coupe, my Disney Princesses sofa, my shopping cart, my stroller, pretty much everything...

That Elmo toy is really nice. They have sure come a long way. Have you played with him lately?
Well, everything except Elmo, that is. He's out with my other toys, but my interaction with him is pretty limited. I loved him most in the box where all he could do is blow me kisses. But the other stuff he can do freaks me out a bit.

Do you think that you will be taking your baby for a walk in your new stroller?
Already done! We walk all around the house. Maybe when it gets warmer we'll venture outside too.

Have you taken down your tree yet? I bet that you will miss kissing Santa. But, there is always next year.
It's so strange that you ask that, because Mom and Dad were saying something this morning about the tree going bye-bye this weekend. I sure hope not. I was thinking about Santa being gone yesterday and I got very weepy, so I don't know what I'll do if the tree goes away too!

Grandpa wrote these questions before the holidays. Sorry I didn't get to them sooner:

How did Noonee (sp?) come about?
You're talking about the word I call myself. That's how I pronounce the Ukrainian version of the Julia name, which actually sounds like "Yool-ya." So now I call myself Noonie, but then last week I started actually saying "Julia" on occasion. As I start to say "Julia" more and more, I'm thinking "Noonie" is not long for this world...

For those of us that are not trilingual (English, Ukranian & Jula-speak), how about providing subtitles on your blog videos?
I'm pretty technologically advanced for a 19-month-old, but even I don't know how to create subtitles. Sorry but you'll have to wing it, just like everyone else does when they decipher what I'm trying to say.

Tomorrow I'm finally going to get around to doing my resolutions for 2009...and we'll see how I did with my 2008 resolutions!