Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Momma, Nia!

Here's a long overdue look at one of my best friends, Nia. I see her multiple times during the week with Bobbi—either in town or at a playdate—but Mom and Dad have never actually met her. They certainly hear about her all the time, though. I always tell the story about the time when Nia cried because she was startled by a cop who was drinking coffee. I told her "Don't!" and "Done!"—don't cry, be done! Anyway, since I spend so much time with her I figured it was about time that I put some photos of us up here. So Mom, meet Nia!

Here we are celebrating the new year. Aren't we a cute pair?

Speaking of celebrations, today is a big day for the country (though Bobbi and Dido don't seem as happy as Mom and Dad are). Let's all raise a glass of milk to our new President!