Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ask Julia: 3/19/09

I guess last week's guilt trip worked, because you sent in tons of questions! So we're going to split this mailbag into two parts. Today I'll answer the questions that came in from Grandpa; tomorrow I'll tackle the long list that Aunt Rebecca sent. Here goes.

You have mentioned that your parents have been telling you about baby brother coming soon. Have they been telling you that you will have to be sharing with him, like for instance, this blog?
In case you haven't heard, I don't share very well. That might explain why Dad keeps saying to me, "Wait until June!" As for the blog, all I can say is that if my brother thinks he'll be contributing to this blog, he's got another thing coming! If that means Dad has to find a new website address so he can create a new blog for both me and the baby, so be it.

Now that your parents' favorite groups have new releases,
Line on the Horizon from U2 and Working on a Dream from Bruce Springsteen, are you going to allow those to be placed on rotation on the iPod, or will it continue to be only your favorite English and Ukrainian tunes? Are you going to let them see the acts on the expected tours, or will the only shows they can go to continue to be at Sesame Place?
I already listen to Bruce in the car. In fact, his CD is the only one I'll (occasionally) allow aside from the same "Wheels on the Bus" CD that has driven my parents insane. I haven't heard the new U2 album although I know Mom loves it.

I don't think my little ears could handle a rock concert, but I'm definitely planning on going back to Sesame Place this summer (Mom and Dad can come too, if they want). I hear things every once in a while about other appearances by Sesame Street characters in the area—shows with names like Elmo Live!—and if I ever get solid info about that you can be sure I'll demand to be taken there too!

Look for part 2 tomorrow!