Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Here’s the sit-uation

My Yankees hangover is over, and it’s on to happier news and happier experiences. Like the fact that I can stay in a sitting position almost entirely by myself. Hopefully Dad won’t need to spot me anymore in another couple weeks. And I love standing too, although I still need a lot of help with that. My latest fun trick has been to start in a sitting position and then stand up as Dad grabs my hands. By next month I’ll be running a marathon!

If I had Ask Julia questions, I’d answer them now. But I guess most of my relatives are—sigh!—watching the Indians-Red Sox series, so my mailbox is empty. Let’s correct that by week’s end, okay?

Instead, why not marvel over how adorable I look in my latest photos?

I’m getting very excited for Halloween! And if you think I’m cute here, just wait until you see my Halloween costume.

My parents keep taking me new places, like Octoberfest at Applegate’s Ice Cream…and I keep falling asleep and not actually seeing anything.

I love spending my weekdays with Babcia and Dido…

…and my weekends with Mom and Dad!

Have a good week. Mom and Dad said they have some surprises in store, so hopefully I will have a lot to write about soon.