Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Guitar hero

I visited my friends Anne and Jonah over the weekend, and also caught up with two younger pals, Gwen and Soleil. Anne and Jonah have some really cool toys, like that guitar you see above (just like my favorite guy, Bruce Springsteen!). But I loved Anne's kitchen the most.

Get the hint, Mom and Dad? I love toy kitchens! And isn't Anne great? When she saw me in my tulle skirt, she went and changed into her tulle skirt. It was so much fun being dressed like twins.

There was lots of other great things to play with too, like a fire engine and the new Mickey and Minnie dolls that I brought along myself. And let's not forget about Molly the dog!

As you can see, things got a little chaotic when all of us kids were running around. Well, get used to it, Mom and Dad, because this is a glimpse into what things will be like when my brother gets here!