Sunday, December 30, 2007

Post-Christmas blahs

No sooner was I celebrating the fact that I finally remained healthy over a holiday, than Mom and Dad took me for the second part of my flu shot on Dec. 26. And once again, I had a bad reaction to it and wasn't myself for the next day or so. If you recall, when I got the first part of the flu shot the day before Thanksgiving, I got a fever and was out of sorts all Turkey Day long. This time around, I avoided a fever but my nose got stuffed up immediately, and again was acting un-Julia-like all day on the 27th. Too bad for Dad, who was home with me all to himself and bore the brunt of my frowny-face behavior. It wasn't a great day for either of us, but I'm happy to say that I recuperated by the 28th and was back to my old self. I'm still recovering from the congestion, but I'm almost as good as new. And Friday was much better with Dad! We took some walks outside and even settled down for a long winter's nap.

Aunt Paula wrote in with a few year-end questions, and also asked about all my Christmas photos:

I did not see many pictures of you with your Aunt Jessica. What is with that? Are you playing with all your new toys? Are you going out for a New Years celebration? Your Grandma, Uncle Dan, and I used to bang pots and pans at midnight. Do you have plans for ringing in the New Year?

I did spent time with Aunt Jessica, but I guess Mom and Dad never had their camera on hand. They took so many pictures of me opening my gifts that their shutter-fingers needed a break during the rest of the holiday.

I'm playing with some of my new toys, but not all of them. Some toys I got are still a little too advanced for me; as for the others, Mom and Dad want to parcel them out slowly so I always have something new to play with.

I'll be spending New Year's Eve with Babcia and Dido. Mom and Dad are ditching me to have dinner with friends in the city, but they'll be back before midnight (Dad has to work on New Year's Day).

I'll be back to ring in the new year with a host of new videos. Enjoy your celebrations!

One word: plastics

Mom and Dad don't understand why I love munching on my plastic containers so much. So here's a quick primer. First off, they're so yummy, and they give my teething gums a solid workout.

Also, in a pinch, they can double as fashionwear. So what's not to like?

Mom and Dad have been playing peekaboo with me the last few weeks, but now I've taken the initiative and have started playing it with them. How about you—want to play a quick game of a peekaboo with me?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy holidays

You've seen the Christmas videos, now it's time to look through some of my Christmas photos.

My holiday started off with a Christmas miracle: on the morning of the 23rd, I not only slept through the night, but I slept in until almost 8! That's the latest I've slept in two months! But the next day was even better, because that's when Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Jessica and Uncle Ryan arrived for their visit. Then we all went to the children's mass for Christmas (they always went to midnight mass before I came along). Wow, it was packed! I didn't even get to sit with either set of grandparents. Next year we're going to have to go an hour early just to be able to sit together.

On Dec. 25, I didn't get a White Christmas, but I did get a bright Christmas: the weather was beautiful and sunny all day. And indoors, spirits were even brighter: everywhere I looked I saw pretty presents...and they were all for me!

I got lots and lots of great gifts from everyone, although my favorite presents came from Mom and Dad. They got me a Propel bottle, a cell phone and a cordless phone. Everything was so tasty!

I had so much fun with my relatives, and managed to spend quality time with all of them. I can't wait to see them all again!

These photos were just a brief sample of my mammoth photos from Christmas. If you want to see them all for yourself, click here to check out my Christmas photo album on Kodak Gallery.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The five videos of Christmas

I hope your Christmases were all as merry as mine was! I had such a happy holiday (and seven-month birthday!) with my family. I'll have lots of stories and pictures to share in the coming days, but I thought we'd start things off with a bang. I've got not one, not two, not three, but FIVE Christmas videos to share! Consider it my holiday gift to you.

First up, I decided to take a bow (and put it in my mouth!) as I unwrapped my gift from Mom and Dad.

I'm still working on opening up Mom and Dad's gift, but I'm finally starting to figure out the whole unwrapping thing.

Mom and Dad give me the best three gifts ever: I got a Propel bottle, a cell phone and a cordless phone to play with! And oddly enough, I get the feeling that they didn't spend a dime on those gifts!

Christmas can be a very emotional time. And as you can see, I go through just about all of them during these 60 seconds.

For our final video, I have some fun with another Christmas gift: tissue paper.

That's it for the videos, but stay tuned for photos and more coming soon!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Before my Christmas celebrations begin in earnest (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Jess, Babcia and Dido will all be on hand), I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays.

I hosted my first Christmas party on Saturday, and it was a huge hit (so was I)! It's too bad I could only admire the cookies—and especially Dad's world famous brownie trees—from afar this year, but I'm already working up an appetite for them at next year's bash.

The only thing I'm bummed about is that it poured all day today, which melted away all the snow that had been here for the past week. So that means no more sledding for (like in the photo above), and even worse, no white Christmas!

Still, I'm sure this will be a memorable and wonderful first Christmas. Make sure you check back soon so I can tell you all about it.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


I was so excited to get an Ask Julia question from Grandma for the first time in a long while, but it turns out—are you kidding me?— that she wrote to take issue with my claim in a previous post that I only have one Christmas bib.

I distinctly remember that you received two holiday bibs as a table favor for Thanksgiving. One was red and one was hunter green. What happened to the "Are those really my relatives" bib? It had a reindeer on it, I believe.

Yes yes yes, you're right. My apologies, especially since you were the one who so nicely bought me those bibs, along with my other bibs for previous holidays. I forgot all about that one, which I do wear from time to time, and Mom says I left out another bib as well. So I have three Christmas bibs in all.

I'm sure we can all rest easier now that this error has been corrected.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Ask Julia: "Nice" questions, Part 2

We heard from the grownups yesterday, now here are all the Ask Julia questions I received this week from the 3 and under crowd.

First up is my best friend Isabella, whom I'll be seeing at my Christmas party tomorrow:

I'm already planning my outfit and my spare (Mom says never leave home without one). What are you wearing?
I haven't finalized an outfit yet with my stylist (i.e. Mom), so I'm not sure what I'll be wearing. There are so many options: Versace, Calvin Klein, Osh Kosh B'Gosh, Baby Gap... Two things I'm reasonably sure of: my outfit will A) have some kind of a Christmas theme and B) be covered in drool (at the very least) by the time the party is over.

Not to be outdone, her brother Alec also wrote in, to vent about how Isabella is putting a damper on his holiday season:

I need your help! Isabella has figured out how to bust up my toys and it's all she ever does now!!! I can't build blocks or my train track or play cars without her knocking it over, kicking it, or sitting on it. Will you come over to play with her?
I'm sorry, but I don't see how this is a problem. Her actions sound perfectly normal to me. I'm nowhere near as mobile as Isabella is—yet—but this sounds like the same kind of things I like to do with Dad's "toys."
I'll play with her tomorrow at the party, but don't be surprised if we join forces and really start wrecking your playtime.

Finally, I received a sweet invitation from my friend Audrey:

My mom told me that when your mom was little, she went with my mom to see the Nutcracker Ballet at the Bushnell in Hartford. I think that is something I’d be interested in for next year. Do you think you’d like to go with me? I’m sure we could see it somewhere in the city. I guess our parents would have to come since I’m not really comfortable parallel parking the car in Manhattan.
That sounds great, although I don't know if I'll be old enough for nuts (or a live theater show) next year. But it sure sounds like something I'd love to do another couple years down the road! And by the way, I've seen my Mom parallel park, and I actually think I might be better at it than she is.

And with that, I'm off to get ready for all my big upcoming holiday gatherings. We're having a holiday party tomorrow for some of my kid friends (I think their parents were also invited), and then my relatives will be arriving before long to help celebrate my first Christmas. I'll make sure Mom and Dad take lots of photos and videos so I can continue to spread holiday cheer online throughout the week!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ask Julia: "Nice" questions, Part 1

It took some time, but I did finally get several Ask Julia questions after I asked so sweetly (though I'm sure some would say "threatened") earlier in the week. However, I was upset to find that the questions only came from the same loyal readers who were already on my "nice" list: aunts with names ending in "a" and my fellow babies/toddlers. As usual, there was silence from my other readers on the "naughty" list. In the spirit of the holiday season, I won't start naming names, but let's just say this is a topic that we'll be revisiting in the new year.

We're going to split these into two parts. Today I'll tackle the grownup questions. I'll post the kid questions tomorrow. Aunt Paula wrote in with these queries:

You sure have a lot of Santa bibs. Do you have a favorite one? Do any of them have music or Ho, Ho, Ho sounds?
Believe it or not, I only have one holiday bib. I think you got fooled because I've been wearing it frequently lately, so it's been showing up in several pictures. It does not play music. I drool so much that I'd probably short out anything containing a battery or soundchip.

And Aunt Rebecca sent several questions my way:

I see you've been sledding of late and it looks like a whole lot of fun. Do you like winter better than summer? Do you like the cold weather, and the cold snow?
I certainly do love sledding, which I've been doing all week with Dido (who I think is already counting the days until I'll be old enough to go skiing with him). I hardly remember summer, but I will say that I love being outside, so I don't like it when it's too cold for that and I have to stay cooped up indoors. I also don't like being so bundled up with all those layers of clothes. So I have a feeling I'll like summer more, but winter definitely has its moments, like sledding.

Do your parents have a fireplace that you can sit in front of during those brisk winter days?
We do have a fireplace, which I hear will get fired up over the holidays. The one time I saw a fireplace in action I was completely transfixed, so Mom and Dad expect more of the same at home.

Which is your favorite Christmas color?
Um, is "bright and shiny" a color? I like the Christmas lights, so I guess I have to say white, as boring as that is. I guess this is the one-month-old in me, but I still have a soft spot for the classic dark-and-light contrasts.

Have you ever heard the Christmas song, "All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth"? Any luck there with those teeth? Perhaps you can ask Santa for a couple extra teeth if he has any hanging around.
You must have forgotten that I used that line as an answer to one of the "What do you want for Christmas?" questions from a couple weeks back. And still, sadly, there are no teeth to speak of. But absolutely, that would be the best Christmas gift.

Are you crawling a lot now? This is the age when you should be crawling a lot. Walking can come later.
Crawling is so my parents' generation. Now that we sleep on our backs, me and my fellow babies have little use for spending time on our stomachs. I don't think I'll be crawling. I do try to crawl when I end up on my stomach - Dad says I remind him of an upside down turtle, the way I hopelessly flail about (perhaps that will make a good video soon). But I think I will be among the many babies today who skip crawling.

Have you been helping mommy bake any Christmas cookies? Next year you can probably help her decorate sugar cookies with lots of tasty icing. What about a gingerbread house? Did your mom get you one of those?
In my house, Dad makes the Christmas cookies. I did supervise a bit last weekend when he was at work, but I'm finding it all pretty least until I get to taste it myself. No gingerbread house this year, either.

What is your favorite toy of the week?
I've got to go with my baby sled, because I've been getting hysterical when the fun is over and Babcia and Dido take me out of it. I never cry when any of my other toys are taken away, so that is a pretty big deal.

Do you watch yourself on video? Your cousin Diana used to love to watch herself on TV. Warning: TV adds 10 lbs.
Very funny! I do like to watch my videos, but I have an ulterior motive. When Dad shows me videos on his laptop, that means I can get close enough to play with the computer. And by play, I of course mean that I pound on the laptop and keyboard. Other than that, I do like watching them but I get confused by what is going on: how are Mom and Dad talking onscreen but also in person, right next to me? It makes my head hurt.

Where are you celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?
I will be holding court at home, and will be entertaining both sets of grandparents, Aunt Jess and Uncle Ryan. I guess Mom and Dad will be there too, though I don't expect to see too much of them with so many people vying for my attention.

Look for Part 2 tomorrow.

Morning pick-me-up

One of the highlights of my weekday occurs each morning when I'm playing on the daybed with Dad and I hear the sound of the front door opening. That means that Babcia and Dido have arrived for the day! Check out my reaction at the 30-second mark here:

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stand in the place where you live

There comes a time in every person's life where they must learn to stand on their own two feet. For me, that time came a week ago, when I first began keeping myself in an upright position (with a little support from a nearby object). For now, I do most of my standing in front of my newest toy, Leap Frog Learn-Around Playground. It's divided in two sections: the bottom part for babies who can't stand yet, and the top part for babies who can. Well, the bottom half was sooo boring that I had to learn to stand just so I could have a little fun on top. I do need Mom, Dad, Babcia or Dido to spot me, but I've been doing pretty good on my own!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Making a list and checking it twice

Santa's not the only one making a list of who's naughty and nice. As I've been supervising all of Mom and Dad's holiday preparations (gift wrapping, cookie baking), I've been keeping track of who has been sending me Ask Julia questions (two of my favorite aunts - both of their names end with "a"), and who hasn't (everyone else I know over the age of 3). Mom and Dad are always talking to people who say what big fans of the blog they are, but I haven't been feeling the love lately: my mailbox has been bare for the last week! All I'm saying is, the writer's guild members aren't the only ones who know how to walk a picket line.

So if you want to see more adorable videos like this...'d better start writing me questions!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pushing play

When it comes to playing with my toys, I've become a real pushover...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gimme an O! Gimme a C! Gimme a D!

Today's playtime was brought to you by the letters O, C and D.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holiday cheer

What a joyous time of year! The tree, the lights, the music...there's so much to love about the season.

In addition to rockin' around the Christmas tree, we've been lighting the Advent wreath (Babcia and Dido made it for us. Doesn't it look great?) each week. Here's a shot of Dad and I during the first week of Advent.

All this Christmas cheer...and we haven't even gotten to the gifts yet!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Leg of Mom

As you well know, I'm a girl who enjoys a good meal. And I love to get my chompers (can I call them chompers even though I still don't have any teeth yet?) on anything, and anyone, that I can. I liked sampling Mom's arms so much last month that I thought it was time to move on to her other limbs. Dad filmed my latest gourmet treat (it was more a light snack than a full-on meal), and he says it's one of my most adorable videos yet...which is really saying something!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Claus encounter

Each day closer to Christmas brings more holiday cheer. And I definitely needed some last weekend, because I was congested (I'm doing much better now). On Saturday, Mom and Dad took me to a local home to see the massive Christmas decorating display put on each year by the dentist who lives there. It was quite spectacular.

While doing some holiday shopping in town earlier that day, we stumbled across Jolly Old Saint Nick himself, who was greeting kids at the children's clothing store. With no other tiny tots present at the time, he came up to me and said hello. I started out tentatively happy, but my composure quickly began to crack, and once I flashed my patented Sad Face (a surefire signal that disaster is imminent), Santa wisely stepped away so Mom and Dad could diffuse the situation and get me smiling once again. So it looks like we'll have to wait at least another year before I can tell Santa what I want for Christmas.

Pa bell

Finally! After six months of doggedly pursuing Dad's various electronic devices (cell phone, blackberry, remote control, etc.), I successfully got my mitts on one of Mom and Dad's cordless phones. What happened next? Pretty much what you would expect...

There will be more videos and photos from the weekend to follow in the coming days, so be sure to check back often!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Monkeying around

I'm beginning to understand why Dad likes Curious George so much. The two of us have become buddies since I started reading about his adventures (and when I say "reading," I of course mean "chewing on the book"). We get along splendidly, because as you know I'm also curious about everything!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas questions

Just as I was getting ready to complain about my lack of emails, I received one from Aunt Paula, who has a lot on her mind this week.

What do like the best about your pretty Christmas tree?
The lights, definitely, followed closely by the ornaments. If only Mom and Dad would let me get close enough to touch them...

Have you taken any of the ornaments off yet?
Of course! During my photo shoot in front of the tree last month, they let their guard down and I was able to snag one and start chomping on it. Dad said that next year he'll only be putting out ornaments that aren't breakable, because everyone expects that by then I'll be running around and likely causing all sorts of trouble.

I know you said that you were not going to sit on Santa's lap this year to put in your order. How do you think he is going to know what to bring you?
He's a smart guy, so I'm sure he'll figure it out.

Do you plan on putting out some formula for Santa to drink?
No way. Do you know how expensive formula is? Milk is much cheaper. And I heard my Dad say something about making Christmas cookies, so maybe I'll put some of those out for Santa too.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My fair baby

Maybe I should have gone as Eliza Dolittle for Halloween. What do you think?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

If you're happy and you know it...

I thought I deserved a round of applause for all my latest feats, so I taught myself how to do just that! That's right, in addition to playing in the snow and learning to walk (kind of) this past weekend, I also figured out how to clap my hands together. Now I do it whenever I get excited (especially when I see people like Mom and Babcia for the first time each morning).

Monday, December 3, 2007

One small step for Julia

You might have noticed that none of my pictures were viewable on the blog earlier today. For once, Dad's computer wasn't to blame! One of the few drawbacks of using a site like Blogger is that every once in a awhile, the site goes completely or partially down, which means everybody's blogs are affected. Sometimes they're completely inaccessible; today the photos pulled a disappearing act. Happily, everything now seems back to normal.

So I'm putting my best foot forward, kind of like I did over the weekend when I took my first steps...with a little help from Dad, who held my arms. It will be another couple months before I'm walking on my own, but this was a big (albeit wobbly) step in that direction. Take a look for yourself:

As if that weren't impressive enough, I learned how to do something else over the weekend, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that news.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

There's no business like snow business

We awoke this morning to unexpectedly discover a winter wonderland outside. And unlike the snowfall a couple weeks ago, which vanished by midday, this one went the distance. So Mom and Dad took me outside to experience my first winter weather.

Mom and Dad put me into my baby sled and pulled me all around the yard. At first, I was a little stunned by the snowy surroundings:

But once they took me down the small hill in our front yard, I was all smiles. This sledding thing is sure fun!

That's it for now, but the weather put me in an exceptionally cheery mood, which probably explains why I had several big firsts this weekend. I'll be blogging about them all week (and posting more videos as well), so check back again soon!