Friday, December 21, 2007

Ask Julia: "Nice" questions, Part 2

We heard from the grownups yesterday, now here are all the Ask Julia questions I received this week from the 3 and under crowd.

First up is my best friend Isabella, whom I'll be seeing at my Christmas party tomorrow:

I'm already planning my outfit and my spare (Mom says never leave home without one). What are you wearing?
I haven't finalized an outfit yet with my stylist (i.e. Mom), so I'm not sure what I'll be wearing. There are so many options: Versace, Calvin Klein, Osh Kosh B'Gosh, Baby Gap... Two things I'm reasonably sure of: my outfit will A) have some kind of a Christmas theme and B) be covered in drool (at the very least) by the time the party is over.

Not to be outdone, her brother Alec also wrote in, to vent about how Isabella is putting a damper on his holiday season:

I need your help! Isabella has figured out how to bust up my toys and it's all she ever does now!!! I can't build blocks or my train track or play cars without her knocking it over, kicking it, or sitting on it. Will you come over to play with her?
I'm sorry, but I don't see how this is a problem. Her actions sound perfectly normal to me. I'm nowhere near as mobile as Isabella is—yet—but this sounds like the same kind of things I like to do with Dad's "toys."
I'll play with her tomorrow at the party, but don't be surprised if we join forces and really start wrecking your playtime.

Finally, I received a sweet invitation from my friend Audrey:

My mom told me that when your mom was little, she went with my mom to see the Nutcracker Ballet at the Bushnell in Hartford. I think that is something I’d be interested in for next year. Do you think you’d like to go with me? I’m sure we could see it somewhere in the city. I guess our parents would have to come since I’m not really comfortable parallel parking the car in Manhattan.
That sounds great, although I don't know if I'll be old enough for nuts (or a live theater show) next year. But it sure sounds like something I'd love to do another couple years down the road! And by the way, I've seen my Mom parallel park, and I actually think I might be better at it than she is.

And with that, I'm off to get ready for all my big upcoming holiday gatherings. We're having a holiday party tomorrow for some of my kid friends (I think their parents were also invited), and then my relatives will be arriving before long to help celebrate my first Christmas. I'll make sure Mom and Dad take lots of photos and videos so I can continue to spread holiday cheer online throughout the week!