Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The five videos of Christmas

I hope your Christmases were all as merry as mine was! I had such a happy holiday (and seven-month birthday!) with my family. I'll have lots of stories and pictures to share in the coming days, but I thought we'd start things off with a bang. I've got not one, not two, not three, but FIVE Christmas videos to share! Consider it my holiday gift to you.

First up, I decided to take a bow (and put it in my mouth!) as I unwrapped my gift from Mom and Dad.

I'm still working on opening up Mom and Dad's gift, but I'm finally starting to figure out the whole unwrapping thing.

Mom and Dad give me the best three gifts ever: I got a Propel bottle, a cell phone and a cordless phone to play with! And oddly enough, I get the feeling that they didn't spend a dime on those gifts!

Christmas can be a very emotional time. And as you can see, I go through just about all of them during these 60 seconds.

For our final video, I have some fun with another Christmas gift: tissue paper.

That's it for the videos, but stay tuned for photos and more coming soon!