Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ask Julia: "Nice" questions, Part 1

It took some time, but I did finally get several Ask Julia questions after I asked so sweetly (though I'm sure some would say "threatened") earlier in the week. However, I was upset to find that the questions only came from the same loyal readers who were already on my "nice" list: aunts with names ending in "a" and my fellow babies/toddlers. As usual, there was silence from my other readers on the "naughty" list. In the spirit of the holiday season, I won't start naming names, but let's just say this is a topic that we'll be revisiting in the new year.

We're going to split these into two parts. Today I'll tackle the grownup questions. I'll post the kid questions tomorrow. Aunt Paula wrote in with these queries:

You sure have a lot of Santa bibs. Do you have a favorite one? Do any of them have music or Ho, Ho, Ho sounds?
Believe it or not, I only have one holiday bib. I think you got fooled because I've been wearing it frequently lately, so it's been showing up in several pictures. It does not play music. I drool so much that I'd probably short out anything containing a battery or soundchip.

And Aunt Rebecca sent several questions my way:

I see you've been sledding of late and it looks like a whole lot of fun. Do you like winter better than summer? Do you like the cold weather, and the cold snow?
I certainly do love sledding, which I've been doing all week with Dido (who I think is already counting the days until I'll be old enough to go skiing with him). I hardly remember summer, but I will say that I love being outside, so I don't like it when it's too cold for that and I have to stay cooped up indoors. I also don't like being so bundled up with all those layers of clothes. So I have a feeling I'll like summer more, but winter definitely has its moments, like sledding.

Do your parents have a fireplace that you can sit in front of during those brisk winter days?
We do have a fireplace, which I hear will get fired up over the holidays. The one time I saw a fireplace in action I was completely transfixed, so Mom and Dad expect more of the same at home.

Which is your favorite Christmas color?
Um, is "bright and shiny" a color? I like the Christmas lights, so I guess I have to say white, as boring as that is. I guess this is the one-month-old in me, but I still have a soft spot for the classic dark-and-light contrasts.

Have you ever heard the Christmas song, "All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth"? Any luck there with those teeth? Perhaps you can ask Santa for a couple extra teeth if he has any hanging around.
You must have forgotten that I used that line as an answer to one of the "What do you want for Christmas?" questions from a couple weeks back. And still, sadly, there are no teeth to speak of. But absolutely, that would be the best Christmas gift.

Are you crawling a lot now? This is the age when you should be crawling a lot. Walking can come later.
Crawling is so my parents' generation. Now that we sleep on our backs, me and my fellow babies have little use for spending time on our stomachs. I don't think I'll be crawling. I do try to crawl when I end up on my stomach - Dad says I remind him of an upside down turtle, the way I hopelessly flail about (perhaps that will make a good video soon). But I think I will be among the many babies today who skip crawling.

Have you been helping mommy bake any Christmas cookies? Next year you can probably help her decorate sugar cookies with lots of tasty icing. What about a gingerbread house? Did your mom get you one of those?
In my house, Dad makes the Christmas cookies. I did supervise a bit last weekend when he was at work, but I'm finding it all pretty least until I get to taste it myself. No gingerbread house this year, either.

What is your favorite toy of the week?
I've got to go with my baby sled, because I've been getting hysterical when the fun is over and Babcia and Dido take me out of it. I never cry when any of my other toys are taken away, so that is a pretty big deal.

Do you watch yourself on video? Your cousin Diana used to love to watch herself on TV. Warning: TV adds 10 lbs.
Very funny! I do like to watch my videos, but I have an ulterior motive. When Dad shows me videos on his laptop, that means I can get close enough to play with the computer. And by play, I of course mean that I pound on the laptop and keyboard. Other than that, I do like watching them but I get confused by what is going on: how are Mom and Dad talking onscreen but also in person, right next to me? It makes my head hurt.

Where are you celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?
I will be holding court at home, and will be entertaining both sets of grandparents, Aunt Jess and Uncle Ryan. I guess Mom and Dad will be there too, though I don't expect to see too much of them with so many people vying for my attention.

Look for Part 2 tomorrow.