Friday, May 25, 2007

Please allow me to introduce myself...

You would not believe the day I’ve had! I was just minding my own business in Mom’s womb, giving her the occasional kick to let her know I’m okay, when without warning at 4:03 p.m., I was plucked out of my comfy confines and dropped into a strange, new world. It was scary, but I was excited to finally meet my Mom and Dad, whom I’ve heard talking to me for the past nine months. However, I only got a few seconds with Mom before they whisked me away to the special care nursery, so I could be placed under a warmer for four hours (standard practice for c-section babies like me).

At the nursery, my Dad took lots of pictures while the nurses weighed me (8 lbs. 11 oz. ….sorry Mom!), measured me (19 inches) and cleaned me up. Then Dad went out to share the happy news with my four grandparents: Babcia (Grandma Sywenkyj), Dido (Grandpa Sywenkyj), Grandma (Lynch) and Grandpa (Lynch). They all watched me for a couple hours from the nursery window while I preened and showed off: stretching, flailing, crying and sleeping.

I was also excited to finally learn my real name: Julia Madeline Lynch. Mom and Dad had been calling me “Vera Jr.” for the past nine months, so it will take some time to get used to a new name. I really like it! I was worried that Dad wasn’t joking when he kept insisting to people that my name was going to be Cinnamon.

I also really like my birthdate: May 25, 2007. I checked on the internet (yes, I had wi-fi in the womb), and I share the date with Mike Myers (good), Sir Ian McKellen (also good) and Anne Heche (eh, not so good). Also, it turns out that I was born on the 30th anniversary of the original Star Wars film, which opened on May 25, 1977. I’m just glad Dad wasn’t suddenly inspired to name me Leia.

Finally, they wheeled me to Mom’s room at around 8 p.m. for some long-awaited bonding with her. Unfortunately, I arrived just as my Mom was starting to suffer some side effects from the anesthesia she had during our operation. So I was left to get my feeding from Dad, who frankly I’m a bit worried about. He kept insisting that he needed three arms to feed me: one to hold me, one to support my neck and one to hold the bottle. Well, as far as I can tell, he only has two arms, so I might be in trouble. I won’t even mention his silly shoulder burping technique.

Mom needs to rest, so they just wheeled me back to the nursery for the night, where they’ll conduct a few more routine tests. But I’m looking forward to finally spending some quality time with Mom and Dad tomorrow.