Monday, April 20, 2009

Ask Julia: 4/20/09

I'm off traveling with Mom and Dad for much of this week, but as promised, I'm still posting. I thought I'd kick off the week with some Ask Julia questions from Aunt Paula.

I sure like your new tricycle. I never saw one with the handle on the back. I am sure that you will soon enjoy riding it. Do you ride it inside the house?
Grandma and Grandpa had never seen that handle either, but that helps Mom and Dad push me without bending over and hurting their backs. I'm not riding it inside the house yet, because right now I'm not really even riding it outside the house. I think that tricycle is going to be an acquired taste, though I'm sure by the end of the summer I won't be able to get enough of it.

I was so hungry when I watched you eating at Johnny Rockets. You sure love ketchup. Do you put ketchup in your chicken soup like your Grandma does?

I've never done that before, but I love putting my condiments in odd places (I'm the opposite of Uncle Ryan, who doesn't like condiments at all), so that sounds like it would be yummy!

My friend Isabella also chimed in with a couple questions:

I was reading your blog (or rather I was looking at the pictures, Mommy was reading) when you mentioned your last vacation as "just the three of us." Trust me, "just the four of us" is much better! At least from my perspective.
I'm still skeptical, but I'll try to keep an open mind.

What are you going to do on your vacation? Let's have a playdate the week after next so you can tell me all about it.
I'm going to visit Grandma and Grandpa, and then go see Uncle Ryan's new restaurant in Baltimore (hopefully he'll let me tend bar!). While we're down in Baltimore, I hope to check in on my favorite dolphins at the aquarium. Then later in the week we're going up to visit Aunt Jess. Should be a fun week!

Mommy told me that you're going to be in my swim class after vacation. I've really missed you--there are no "friends" in my old class.
Yes, I had to get "permission" to go into the older swim class, so I'll be joining you there soon!

Thanks for the great questions. That's it for today. If you have more questions, please send them!