Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Christmas in April, part 2

Ever since I opened it at Christmas, I've been staring at a big box with a picture of a dollhouse on it. It was on the front porch for most of that time, but then a couple weeks ago it migrated down to my new playroom. I've been getting impatient demanding that Mom and Dad "open" it. And finally, last week I came downstairs to discover this:

At long last, I have a dollhouse (and a playhouse)! Within a few minutes I was serving tea to my dolls...

...and calling Mom on my new "house" phone.

As you can see from the last picture, it's a combination dollhouse/playhouse. You can either close it and use it exclusively as a playhouse, or open it up and use them both separately. Here's a video of me at play (and at one point, I finally realize that the dollhouse part is that same as Audrey's!):

I heard Dad grumbling that it took him four hours to put it together, but I don't feel bad for him because I've been waiting almost four months to play with it!