Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back in Touch, part 1

I have so much great stuff to share from my latest visit to the Please Touch Museum, I'm going split it into two posts. Today I'll show you all my photos, and tomorrow you can see the video. Mom and Dad asked me where I wanted to go first, and I didn't have to think twice...

I headed straight for the ducks! This time I managed to stay drier than usual.

Next up was the carousel, and while I enjoyed myself, I opted against a second ride for the first time ever.

Then Dad took me on a roller coaster, sort of...

I have a feeling I'll like coasters a lot, but on that day riding a turtle was my preferred method of amusement.

Then I went to the supermarket for some food shopping, and I couldn't resist sampling the merchandise.

Yuck! Why did the apples taste like plastic? We had lunch after that, and the pretzels were much yummier.

Over lunch I got to show Mom the painting on the cafeteria wall of the pani (Ukrainian word for woman) that I've been imitating ever since my last museum visit with Dad. Here's what she looks like...

And here's my version of it...

Next up was a trip back to the shoe exhibit, and while I liked playing with the shoes again, this time I was more interested in measuring my own feet.

Our trip ended on a surprise note, as we got a chance to get up close and personal with the Phillies World Series trophy, which they were displaying at the museum that day.

Or as I kept calling it, "Crown!" There were several men standing around it to make sure no one touched it, but I still came thisclose to getting my mitts on it. Hey Dad, when are the Yankees going to get another one of those things? It's been almost a decade!

There's video of all the above and more to show you, so check back tomorrow!