Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter ends

I'm going to wrap-up my Easter coverage with some family photos as promised, followed by a special Easter treat of my own at the end. So let's look at all the family photos we took on Sunday:

And now for that Easter treat I talked about. It's been a long while since we put together a photo slideshow set to music, but Dad was sneaky and captured a bunch of adorable photos of me while I was watching TV. So we made the photos into a slideshow. Unfortunately we couldn't put it on YouTube because of rights issues over the song we used, so you'll have to click here to take a look!

Hope you enjoyed it! That's it for this week, but even though I'll be away for most of next week (Mom and Dad are both on vacation, and we're spending our last week together where it's just the three of us), I'm going to put up a few posts for you during the week.