Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ask Julia: 10/15/08

I have several good Ask Julia questions, so let's get to them. Aunt Paula is first up.

Do you still have your pumpkin gels or have you destroyed all of them?
It's the strangest thing...after we filmed that video where I tore one of them apart, the other four completely disappeared! I have no idea where they are, and Mom and Dad aren't helping me look for them. Has anyone else seen them?

I can't remember what video it was in , but I think that I saw that your tennis shoes have lights on them. Is that so? Do you watch them?
Good eye, Aunt Paula! Yes, I do own sneakers that light up when I take a step. I'm more interested in looking at them when they are off my feet and I can bang them together and make them light up. When they're on my feet, however, I don't notice them as much. Probably because my pants end up covering the lights for the most part. But they are still fun to watch every once in a while.

When you were at the Children's museum in Cherry Hill you were so good at putting those tubes back and forth in the wall. Have you played with those types of tubes before?
They had them at the Austin Children's Museum, and I played with them for a tiny bit, but I'm much better at them now!

I am amazed that you can point out the airplanes in the sky. What do you call them when you see a plane?
For now, I just grunt. But that will change any day now. I'm saying new words every day. Over the weekend I mastered "bus," which had previously also just been a grunt. So I'm sure I'll be saying "airplane" very soon.

My last question for today has to do with your piano. You sure seem to enjoy playing it. Do you think you will be taking a musical instrument one day?
I'm sure I will, but for now I'm enjoying banging on the piano and shaking my maracas.

My friend Isabella also had a question:

We went to the Little Gym tonight and we were all sitting in a circle saying our names, and my Mommy was pretending to be your Mommy. She told the teacher that her name was "Vera," but we all know that's your Mommy's name: Teta [Ukrainian for "Aunt"] Vera. I told my Mommy that she's definitely not Teta Vera, but she didn't seem to buy it. I may be short, but I'm not gullible. What's going on? Does your Mommy trick you like that?
That's really odd. My Mom doesn't do that, but she does ask me strange questions, like if I know who her Mommy and Daddy are. Then she tried to tell me that Dido is her Dad. What is she talking about? She's just silly. Everybody knows that she doesn't have a Mom or Dad!

Thanks for the great questions!