Monday, October 6, 2008

Yes I can: 10/6/08

I've been spending so much time uploading my movies lately that I've neglected to update you on my many accomplishments over the past month or so—you know, the ones that haven't been captured on video. So it's time for another Yes I Can column:

YES I CAN...say Babcia's name. I had been calling her "Ba-ba," which Babcia wasn't too happy about (that's also my word for sheep). But with her urging, I now call her Babbi ("bobby"), which is just as easy to pronounce as Baba but makes her much happier.

YES I airplanes all the way up in the sky. My eyesight is so sharp that I routinely pick them out, both during the day and at night. I love spotting them, and could spend all day searching for them and pointing them out. Many times, I can see them even before anyone else can!

YES I attention to my boo-boos. I'm all about my "boo-boos," pointing them out and crying as if I was reliving the trauma all over again. Then I continue to point to my boo-boo and make Mom and Dad kiss them, even long after it has faded away from sight. I keep track of Mom and Dad's boo-boos too, but I bet they don't hurt as much as mine do!

YES I CAN...figure out to do when life gives you lemons: suck on them! That's what I do everytime we go out to eat. If Mom or Dad gets a lemon in their water or diet soda, it ends up right in my mouth and I eagerly suck away until there's nothing left but the rind. Dad can barely look at me, but I don't flich or pucker my face up. I guess I like sour stuff.

YES I CAN...drink out of a straw. That's another thing I always do when we're out to eat—with both milk and water. Eventually, I take out the straw and try to use it as a spoon to get the liquid up to my mouth. It's not very practical but I enjoy it immensely.

YES I CAN...point out which objects belong to which people at the table. Mommy's drink, Daddy's plate, my plate...whatever is there, I'm getting very good to discerning who owns what. I point to it and say "Da-da" or whatever, or if I don't know, I point to it and grunt until someone tells me whose it is.

YES I CAN...ask what things are and what they say. Pictures and words in my books, the writing on Dad's shirt, the language on my highchair, I want to hear what things mean. Once again, I point and grunt until someone tells me, then I point again. And again and again!

YES I CAN...make one last-ditch effort to fight off sleep. My newest telltale sign I'm about to fall asleep when Dad is rocking me: I shake my head vigorously back and forth, as if to ward off the Sandman. Usually I'm down for the count within a few minutes.

That's all I can think of for now. I'll try to be better about letting you know as I pick things up.

And speaking of "Yes I Can," sometime soon (like in, oh, four weeks from now), I might reveal what my shirt says in the photo above!