Friday, October 31, 2008

Candy girl

Happy Halloween everybody! I kicked the holiday off early by going into the city yesterday with Babcia and Dido (on a choo-choo!) for Dad's work Halloween party. I put on my Abby costume, and Dad went as Indiana Jones.

Mom also got off work early and came over too. At first, I was hesistant to go around trick or treating, especially with so many strange people hovering around me. But before long, I got into the Halloween spirit.

There was so much candy to play with!

I ran all around the floor picking up candy and putting it into my bag. Take a look:

It was so great, and then afterwards, we had dinner in the city and walked through Times Square on our way back to Penn Station to catch a choo-choo home. So many pretty lights! I passed right out on the train.

And today is the main event, which means I get to wear my Abby costume yet again. How fun! Hope your Halloween weekend is filled with treats and no tricks!