Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm an Obama baby!

The time has come for the most anticipated endorsement of this presidential campaign: mine! After careful consideration of both candidates, I have decided.... endorse Barack Obama for President.

I realize this news will come as a major disappointment to Babcia and Dido, who have been making strong arguments for McCain every single day, but I had to follow my heart...and my shirt!

Here's a video of my endorsement, which I made over the past couple weeks. I show off my Obama shirt, practice saying his name and finally I work the phones to get the word out: vote Obama!

Dad told me that the support of the coveted 17-month-old voting demographic should be the last push Obama needs to put him over the top tomorrow night. In all seriousness, I hope that everyone — even if you don't agree with my candidate of choice — makes sure to vote tomorrow. I can't cast a ballot myself, so I'm relying on you guys!

(And I'll be back with a huge Halloween wrapup after the election!)