Monday, November 17, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow

What a whirlwind week! I spent time on vacation with Mom and Dad in New York, South Jersey, Baltimore and Philadelphia. Every day we did something different, whether it was going to a museum, an aquarium or the hair salon!

I've got lots of photos and videos to share with you — so many in fact that it might take until Thanksgiving to get through all of them. So let's get started.

Last Monday, Mom and Dad took me into the city for another big "first": my first haircut. You've probably noticed that my mane had been getting a little out of control and mullet-y for a while now, and with the holidays coming up Mom figured it was the perfect time to get me a haircut.

So we hopped on a train (more on that tomorrow) and headed into the city, where we visited Cozy's Kids Salon in Mom and Dad's old neighborhood. Mom and Dad were a little nervous about how I would react, but their worrying was for naught. The Cozy's people know just what us kids want. In my case, it was as easy as popping in an Elmo DVD for me to watch and I was transfixed the whole time. She probably could have shaved my head bald and I wouldn't have batted an eye!

Here's a look at some of the many photos Dad took of my haircut:

And voila, here's my new 'do! Doesn't it look great?

And of course no recounting of a big event in my life would be complete without video footage as well. Enjoy:

I've got more to share from my New York city visit, so check back tomorrow.