Friday, August 10, 2007

Thanks for the memory

Back before I graced the world with my presence, if you had told Mom and Dad that their daughter-to-be was going to wreck havoc with their laptop, they would have guessed the damage would have been inflicted by my spitting up, drooling, gnawing or peeing on it. But I proved them wrong. Inside of attacking the laptop from the outside, I’ve been causing problems from the inside. Yes, my blog and ever-increasing number of baby pictures has necessitated yet another upgrade to their laptop. Dad already got a new hard drive last month; now he had to get a bigger memory chip to handle all the applications we need to have running at once.

So once again, and hopefully for good, we’re back in business.

The memory card died just as I was uploading my last posting; as a result, the posting that made it to the site was missing some photos and just wasn’t as finished as I would have liked. I fixed it, so please take another look at it. I don’t want you to have missed anything!

I’m happy to say that I received two Ask Julia questions this week, so let’s get to them. The first is from Alec, the 2 ½ year old son of Mom and Dad’s friends Vera and Andrey. His sister Isabella, who was born three months before I came along, is already my best friend. At least, that’s what Mom and Isabella’s mom keep telling me.

Hi! Isabella and I went upstate this weekend and the lake was so warm. Swimming is so much fun! It was warm enough for Isabella to swim too. We can't wait for you to come and play with us. Mommy said that you're going to come with us next time.
Do you like boats? Mommy and Daddy got this boat with a sunshade that Isabella cruises around in. (It used to be mine, but I'm way too big now.) You've gotta try it!

It does sound great, but if I’m anything like my Mom, I won’t like boats at all! So, we’ll have to see. Still, I’m happy to try for myself, and Mom and Dad said that as long as you have a lifevest for me, I can check it out for myself. I’m looking forward to swimming, or at the very least, peeing in whatever body of water you put me in.

Here’s another water question, this one from Grandpa:

How do you like water poured over your head (also known as your christening)?

Good question, and certainly one that my parents are also anxiously wondering about. (I’m not familiar with the word christening; I assume you’re referring to my Baptism, which is happening on Sunday.) I’ll be honest, Grandpa, most of the time I don’t like having water poured on me, which happens when my parents bathe me. But in the last couple weeks, I haven’t minded it as much. That’s probably because Mom and Dad have their bath routine down pat: Mom does most of the scrubbing and washing while Dad keeps me calm—he makes sure my pacifier stays in, holds my hands, gives me encouragement—and lifts me so Mom can get those hard-to-reach areas (before and after the bath, Mom does the prep work and cleanup while Dad gets me undressed/dressed, toweled off and ready for bed). And they’ve certainly been trying to prepare me for Sunday. But we’ll just have to see how I feel on the big day. Maybe I’ll be quiet, maybe I’ll scream my head off…you’ll just have to show up and see how I react!

In other news, I did something rather shocking on Monday night: I slept for 8 ½ hours straight! Yes, from 10:30 pm to 7 am Tuesday morning, I was fast asleep. I thought my parents would be overjoyed that I gave them such a treat, but I actually think they were a little stunned, and concerned that everything was okay (relax, Mom and Dad, I’m fine). Then I did it again...and again...and again! That’s right: four nights in a row I’ve gone down for more than 7 hours at a time. I hope they’re enjoying the peace and quiet, because it’s not going to last forever!

I’ve been extra adorable this past week, giggling and smiling fairly frequently. After a couple of weeks of disrupting our schedule with new sleep patterns, I’m back to being alert and playing with Dad for a good half-hour or so before he goes to work each morning. We chat about all sorts of things: what I’m going to do that day, what I want to wear. Pretty much the same things I do with Mom all day, though my Mom always talks about what she’s going to buy me (she says not to tell Dad about that!). I just wish they’d learn to babble a little better: I can barely understand what they’re saying!

The mercury has been pushing the mid-90s recently, which means I’ve been cooped up inside a lot. Since it’s too hot to go for our usual walks, Mom has been devising other ways for us to get some exercise but keep cool. So Babcia, Mom and I went to the Montclair Art Museum today. As usual, I slept through our big trip, but maybe I can get Mom and Dad to take me again sometime soon.

I’ll check in after the Baptism and let you know how that went. Apparently I’m going to meet even more family members this weekend, which should be fun, because I’ve become an expert at keeping audiences captive.