Friday, July 6, 2007

Ask Julia: 7/6/07

This will be a shorter column, so I can go spend the weekend with my parents. Before we get to the questions, I should mention that our July 4 barbeque was much soggier than we had hoped. I was all set to see my first fireworks, but they were called off because of the rainy weather and rescheduled for Saturday night. The rain also forced the barbeque to move indoors, and it was all a little overwhelming for me. I enjoyed meeting new people, but all the activity got me wound up and thrown off my game. It took me well into the next day to calm down. On the bright side, Dad got to use his fancy new grill, which is so big that he was able to grill all the burgers at one time (on the old grill, it would have taken him three times as long). So he was very happy about that.

Before the barbeque, Dad was testing out the new camera and he took some truly adorable photos of me (we’ve sprinkled them through the posting). I am one cute baby, if I do say so myself! And now, this week’s Ask Julia questions. The first one is from my dear Mom:

On June 15th, you stated that the Yankees recent success could be attributed to you. Could you please explain why the Yankees have again fallen apart in the last two weeks?
So it’s going to be like that, eh? You’re going to use my own words and actions against me? I would have expected as much from Dad, but et tu, Mommy? It’s not fair: if the people who hold certain high offices in this country don’t have to be accountable for their prior statements, why should I?

That said, you’re right: as you can see, I’m none too happy about how the team is doing. The Yankees have just been atrocious in the past couple weeks (Mom’s email came before the team took 3-of-4 from Minnesota this week). In my defense, between Dad’s late hours at work, and how busy I keep him when he is at home, I haven’t had much of an opportunity to watch them play ... and I can’t work my magic on the team if I don’t see them play. So I guess the answer to your question, Mom, is that you should be letting me watch all the Yankees games with Dad (yes, he bribed me to say that). I do feel bad for my Dad, who will be missing his first Old Timers Day in seven years to spend time with me. But hey: am I worth it, or am I worth it?

The Yankees also come up in my latest questions from Aunt Rebecca:

What do you have against Target? It's a great store and has lots of TOYS, TOYS, TOYS.
To clarify, I actually don’t have anything against Target, which does seem like a terrific store and is a place that I’m looking forward to visiting frequently with my parents, and throwing temper tantrums until they buy me what I want. But Mom and Dad thought they could sneak me in and out one morning without my noticing what was going on. Did they really expect me to let such hubris go unchecked?

Regarding Roger Clemens, what did you say or do that got him back on track for his last start? George Steinbrenner would probably love to know what you said or did, and might be willing to pay you lots of big bucks to be Roger's motivational coach. BTW have you seen that silly video with a 95-year-old Roger telling Cashman Jr. "I wanna pitch"?
I can’t take credit for Clemens start, as again, I wasn’t watching. That said, I would definitely entertain offers to be a motivational coach, not only for Clemens but for the whole team. My philosophy is simple: I will keep crying until you win.

And no, I haven’t seen that video. So far, the only internet videos I watch are the ones that I’m starring in (which reminds me, make sure to check back early next week for my latest photo slideshow).

That’s it for now. Thanks for the terrific questions, and as always, don’t be shy about sending questions my way (especially if you visit the site regularly and haven’t sent any along yet). Hope you enjoy the weekend!