Monday, July 16, 2007

Road trip!

So much to talk about! First off, a lot of people were asking why I didn’t post at the end of last week. You have only yourselves to blame for that one: this was the first week that I didn’t receive any Ask Julia questions (my Aunt Paula did send one on Friday night – see below – but it was past my bedtime). See, I’m only going to post at the end of the week if I have Ask Julia questions to answer.

So if you need your baby blog fix, you’d best send along some questions to keep me occupied! Because I get angry when I don’t get email and as you can see from this photo, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!

As if I wasn’t already sad enough with an empty mailbox, on Friday I went for my doctor’s checkup and finally found out what vaccinations are. I got three shots! That was not fun! But my parents were impressed that I handled myself so well: I cried for a couple minutes and went to sleep. Mom was all set to get weepy as I went into prolonged hysterics, but as usual, I just rolled with the punches. We also got my latest stats:

I’m now weighing in at 13 lbs. 5 oz. and I’ve sprouted up to 24 1/2 inches. Dr. Buchalter (who, by the way, is some kind of baby whisperer, because he seemingly puts me in a zen trance whenever he’s in the room) says I’m a champ. At least I made it through, and now I’ll never have to get a shot again. Right?

Later that day, I felt that getting shot (or getting shots, I should say) fully established my gangsta girl cred, so I donned some gangsta gear, and showed off my battle scars on my thighs (check out the shiny band-aids).

Don’t mess with me; I’m one tough little lady!

Usually I’m the one who gets all the presents, but last week Dad came home from work with a new toy: a Blackberry, so he can stay on top of work stuff at home, and during his commute. It’s shiny, and I’m looking forward to drooling on it. But sometimes when he’s supposed to be playing with me, I can tell that he’s distracted and I catch him sneaking a look at his Blackberry.

We had words about it, but then he showed me his screensaver: a super-cute photo of yours truly!

So I can’t be too upset now that I know that even when he’s working, he’s thinking about me.

After those bumps in the road last week, I was so happy to go on my first big trip Saturday: driving to Cherry Hill to visit Grandma and Grandpa.

My Aunt Paula wrote on Friday night and asked me to tell her all about my first out-of-town experience, so here goes: Mom and Dad were nervous about making sure they packed enough of my stuff for the trip, and they still have a lot to learn. By the time they had finally packed up the car and started out, I was ready to feed again, so they had to turn right around and feed me. Oops! But once we finally got there, I had the best time with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Jessica. They all doted over me, and had multiple chances to play with me, feed me and change me. I’m so glad I know how to smile, because I made each of them melt at will, every time I gave them one of my big grins. I’m so lucky to have two sets of grandparents that love me so much (I get to have fun with Babcia and Dido almost every day during the week).

Meanwhile, Mom and Dad appreciated having some time to themselves. They went out to dinner on Saturday, ran a few errands, and on Saturday night, Grandma and Grandpa took my first late-night feeding and let Dad slept the longest he’s slept since I was born: he went down at 9 pm, and slept until I was ready to eat at 4 in the morning. I hope he appreciated it, because I don’t plan on sleeping through the night anytime soon (though I did throw them a bone one night last week and slept for a six-hour stretch).

While I was there, I slept in a family heirloom: the same bassinet that both Dad and Grandpa slept in. The fabric might be a bit dated, but it was plenty cozy. Grandma and Grandpa said that when I stay there next, they’ll have a crib for me.

Speaking of cribs, last night I spent my first night in my crib here at home. My mom was very sad that I was no longer sleeping in her bedroom, but even she had to admit that I had almost outgrown my bassinet.

I’m captivated by the new mobile above my crib (I might grow to like it even more than Flutterbug, which is my changing table mobile). Overall, I adjusted fairly well to my new surroundings, but I managed to finagle my way into Mom and Dad’s bed on Monday morning (something they swore they’d never allow, but they relented to get a couple more hours’ sleep). Hee hee hee. I play those two like a fiddle!

Today and tomorrow should be lots of fun, because Dad is off for two days (he says it’s the last vacation days he can take off until Labor Day). They’ve got big plans for me. I’m up for anything as long as it doesn’t involve taking out the trash. Dad did that yesterday and when he opened the trash can outside he found a raccoon in it!

That’s it for now—and if you don’t send me Ask Julia questions, that’s it until next week. So get writing!