Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Living hand to mouth

As you can see from the photo, my mouth has made a very important discovery: my hands are tasty and so much fun to suck and gnaw on! Since that photo was taken, I’ve started to concentrate even more on sampling my knuckles; I’ll be sucking my thumb before long, I’m sure. For those body parts, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

My Mom and Dad have become real pros at taking care of me. Night feedings go considerably smoother now that they have perfected Mom’s system: each night she brings up bottles that are pre-filled with cold tap water. Then as I wake for feedings, they simply add the formula into the bottle (over the bathroom sink), shake to mix and voila! – we’re ready for my feeding.

In fact, they’ve figured out so much that my windows of opportunity to create mischief are few and far between, which means that I have to exploit every moment of weakness I can. For example, yesterday morning my Dad started to burp me but realized that the burp cloths were in another room. In the 10 seconds it took from him to locate one, I managed to spit up all over his shirt. But even that wasn’t completely successful: he doesn’t change into his work clothes until right before he leaves (just in case something like this happens, I guess), so I didn’t inflict as much damage as I’d hoped. Better luck next time, I guess.

Mom and Dad have also figured out almost all the ways to keep my crying to a minimum. The old standbys – swaddling and my white noise CD – continue to work wonders, although the endless audio loop of hair driers and rainfall is making Mom a little nuts. But they’re also branching out, and realizing that the swing and rocker are also effective methods of distraction. This past weekend, my Mom even got me to boogie down with her for a bit. That was fun!

Because of all our quality time together while Dad is at work, Mom has learned a lot of new tricks for keeping me happy. She taught Dad that if you burp me over the shoulder during feedings, I’ll eventually get content and snuggle close to you. But just to keep myself protected, I also keep my hand firmly grasped on your throat. You know, just so you don’t try anything funny.

Speaking of funny, I enjoy listening to Mom try to coax my burps out of me during feeding time. She goes down a list of people in my life, saying “Burp for Mommy…burp for Daddy…burp for Babcia…” So it’s a game to see which name I finally agree to burp for. But it’s also fun to store away some burps until several hours after the feeding, then I break them out and get Mom really confused.

My parents are taking me out a lot – both on walks and car trips – but they often try to push their luck. Over the weekend that tried to take me into Target. Bad idea. First, I made sure to leave them an extra-special gift in my diaper when we got there, forcing them to change me in the parking lot (hee). Then I wanted until we were in the store and started wailing big-time (double hee). Sorry, but they deserved it.

I’ve been going for lots of walks with my parents and grandparents: to Dunkin Donuts, to the playground, around the neighborhood, back to Dunkin Donuts…some people in my family seem to have a one-track mind.

I’m also starting to coo and babble a bit. At least, that’s what it sounds like to Mom and Dad. I think that I’m speaking very plainly and clearly, and it upsets me that they still don’t seem to be able to understand me. Meanwhile, my neck muscles are getting stronger every day, thanks to all that tummy time with Mom. With any luck I’ll be lifting my head up before too long (my parents are counting the days!).

There’s much to look forward to this week: the arrival of Mom and Dad’s new camera (I plan on getting that thing in my mouth before too long), a barbeque, meeting more new friends, something called fireworks…. I think I’m going to have a very happy Fourth, and I wish the same for you!