Friday, June 29, 2007

Ask Julia: 6/29/07

Before we start, has anyone seen my Dad? I’m just about ready to put him on a milk carton, because he’s been MIA all week, coming home very late at night. Mom says he has to work late and go to a lot of evening screenings, and some weeks it just works out that he’s late every single night. Perhaps if I tell him that his frequent absences are going to drive me into early therapy, I can guilt him into coming home earlier.

I might have had my first real smiles earlier this week. Mom and Dad aren’t sure (and I’m not telling!).

Mom is slowing weaning me off my bassinet. She no longer takes it downstairs during the day, so I’ve been sleeping in my Pack N Play instead. And they even put me in my crib once or twice! I’m also spending a bit more time each day in my swing, papasan seat, activity gym and rocker. So many fun things to play with!

On to this week’s edition of Ask Julia. The first question comes from Babcia and Dido:

What do you think of your two suitors?

Hmmm, they must be referring to the photos you sent me of Adrian (top) and Alexander, the grandsons of your old friends Bohdan and Zirka (Mom says the two of you first met at their wedding). They seem very cute, but when I asked Dad what he thought, he told me that I wasn’t being very funny and to ask him again when I’m 18. Or better yet, 28.

My Aunt Paula checked in from Youngstown, Ohio with the following query:

You have so many beautiful outfits. How do you decide which outfit to wear each day? To me it looks like your going to need a bigger closet soon. Maybe your parents will let you have theirs.
While I take full credit for how adorable I look in all my clothes (in fact, I heard a rumor that my next photo slideshow is going to revolve around my many cute outfits), I have to admit that Mom is the one responsible for picking my clothes each day: my main outfit, a backup in case the first one gets spit-up (or worse) on it, plus whatever I’m sleeping in that night. She has to factor a lot in to her decision: that day’s temperature, how easy it will be to put on (the more snaps, and the wider neck, the better. I do not like to put clothes on! Mom is still too nervous to put on a few of my snapless/narrow-necked clothes for fear of how I might react). On top of all that, she has to make sure to rotate all my clothes through, to make sure that I’ve worn everything at least once or twice: I’m growing so quickly that I don’t expect to be in size 0-3 months for much longer!

As for my closet space, don’t worry, I’m doing just fine on that front. My nursery boasts the nicest, most efficient closet in the house, which my parents put together with the help of the designers at The Container Store, so any other closet in the house (including Mom’s and Dad’s) would be a big step down.

I’m getting sleepy, so I asked my Dad to take over the rest of the column. (But before I do, I’ll make my usual plea to send me Ask Julia questions for next week’s column. ) I know that he gets asked the same questions about me over and over, so I thought he could answer them here once and for all. It’s all yours Dad, but I’m getting hungry, so make it snappy:

How are you holding up?
As long as you don’t stick me in a screening room and turn off the lights, I’m doing just fine.

Are you getting any sleep?
Any? Yes. Enough? Not nearly.

Is she sleeping through the night?
What are you, high? She’s only a month old! Check back with me at the end of the summer, and hopefully I’ll be able to answer that question with a relieved “Yes!”

Is fatherhood everything you thought it would be?
Yes, and so very much more.

Do you love her more and more every day?
Yes, but I think it would be more accurate to say that every time I see her, I fall in love with her all over again.

Can I see pictures?

How tough is it leaving her each day to go to work?
It’s excruciating! You try looking into those beautiful blue eyes and saying goodbye!

What are you going to call her?
Well, we thought we’d try calling her by her name: Julia.

How’s Julie doing?
Um, I don’t know…who’s Julie? Certainly not my daughter; her name is Julia.

Congratulations on Juliet!
I’m sorry, you must have mistaken me for Romeo. Because while I know a Julia, I don’t know anyone named Juliet.

Madeline is so cute!
Okay, this one I can’t get too upset over, seeing as I slipped up once myself and called her Madeline in an email I sent to everyone, but still, her name is Julia (but yes, she is very cute).

Didn’t you say you were getting a video camera so you can take home movies of her?
I did, but I want to get a high-definition camcorder, which will also require upgrading our computer, among other things. That will take some time and $$$. But we’re about to get a new digital camera that also can record video, so we’ll use that until we go high-def.

Will you please stop talking to them? I need to be changed and fed!
Sure, Julia, anything you say! Sorry guys, but duty (and doodie) calls….