Friday, June 15, 2007

Ask Julia: 6/15/07

Before we get to the Ask Julia questions, a few brief updates:

• Mom and I are doing just fine, now that Dad has gone back to work and left us to fend for ourselves during the day. We’re living feeding-to-feeding for right now, which is okay, because I’m still being fussy. Lately, I’m burning through more gas than a Hummer, and pull the occasional Exorcist after feedings. After talking to the doctor, we’re switching me over to a new lactose-free formula, which Mom and Dad hope will alleviate my gassiness and fussiness.

• If you think I look like I’m getting a little big for my britches, well, you’re right! At my doctor’s visit on Wednesday, I learned that I’ve crossed over into double digits on the scale: I’m now 10 lbs. 3 1/2 oz.! I’ve also sprouted up to 22 inches. Mom’s reaction was “Great, now she’s tall enough to go into the Baby Bjorn!” The doctor says I’m healthy and active, and if he’s happy, then we’re happy.

• Forgot to mention in my last posting that Mom and Dad slipped out last Saturday afternoon for their first “date” since my birth. They went to see Ocean’s Thirteen at the theater in town, and Babcia watched over me. Mom was nervous all morning, and kept asking Dad if they should cancel their plans. But he convinced her to go, and even though she kept asking him if I was okay during the whole movie, afterward she admitted that she was glad they went. Now she feels better about leaving me with Babcia (who did a nice job with my feeding and changing) if she wants to run some errands or go out on another date with Dad.

And now, at long last, on to this week’s edition of Ask Julia. All of the questions come courtesy of my Great Aunt Rebecca in Houston (from here on in, I’ll be dropping the “Great” and everyone will just be Aunt and Uncle. They’re all great, but it just feels weird calling them “Great,” know what I mean?). Here we go:

First of all, what do you think about Roger Clemens joining up with the Yankees? Will he be able to make a difference, and will the Yankees be in the playoffs this year?
That’s a slightly loaded question: Aunt Rebecca is a fan of the Houston Astros, where Clemens played the last three seasons. I’m really happy to see Clemens back here – he seems like a great fit for the team, and his presence gives everyone a good kick in the butt. I think he’ll win 10 games, assuming his “fatigued groin” (whatever that means) holds up. I do think the Yanks will make the playoffs, but unless the Red Sox stumble, it will likely be as a wild card team.

But I certainly don’t credit Clemens for the team’s sudden return to form. Dad has been going on about how the team is finally gelling now that Melky is playing regularly in center, the defensively-challenged Damon is DHing and (most importantly) Jason Giambi – Dad says he’s the worst free agent signing in Yankee history – is on the DL and nowhere to be seen. But I know the real secret to their success: ME! Ever since I started watching games regularly with Dad (starting with the May 30 game at Toronto series the first weekend in June), the team has gone an astounding 12-2, winning 9 games in a row. No need to thank me, but I wouldn’t mind getting some love from George Steinbrenner, or better yet, Derek Jeter.

What is your favorite outfit in your wardrobe? Why?
I don’t have a favorite outfit – I look adorable in everything I wear, if I do say so myself. I do, however, have a least favorite outfit: any hat that Mom or Dad tries to put on my head. As you can see, I don’t like them very much.

Which of your parents is better at entertaining you when you're feeling cranky?
That one is a tossup. Dad is more likely to take risks and do crazy things with me: dancing around the house with me, or lifting me high in the air. Mom, however, sings the sweetest songs to me that she makes up on the spot. I’ve been plenty cranky lately, and find that both approaches help calm me down.

What is your favorite toy?
I’m not liking the toys so much lately. After a couple minutes in my swing, or papasan seat, or activity gym, I usually end up crying. But I do have one favorite: the mobile over my changing table. I like listening to it when they change my diapers, and Mom even makes up lyrics to the song and sings them to me. Too bad it only runs for a few minutes, then Mom and Dad have to quickly crank it during the changing, lest I unleash another mood swing.

All terrific questions, Aunt Rebecca, thanks so much. If anyone has any other questions for me, send them along, and I’ll answer them in a future Ask Julia posting.