Friday, June 1, 2007

It's week since you looked at me

How time does fly – I was born a week ago right at this moment!

Mom and Dad make a good team. They’ve been teaming up for my diaper changes and feedings, and have been trading shifts at night in between feedings, to look after me in case I get fussy. I’ve been taking pity on my Mom since she went through so much with the pregnancy, so I’ve been sleeping soundly during her shifts and keeping Dad up. He’ll survive. Also, Mom is finding it tough to support me on her right shoulder, which has been hurting since the surgery – her and Dad have been joking about her “bum” shoulder. They’ve been belly laughing a lot, so I’m glad to hear that they’re still in good spirits after all I’ve put them through. I’m also impressed at how good they are at doing things with one hand while holding me with the other: household chores, typing, carrying things around. Nice job, guys.

My feedings are, as always, an emotional roller coaster on my part. I’m so excited to feed that I get really nasty when the bottle is taken away so they can burp me. So I get hysterical and show surprising strength for someone so tiny, until I start feeding again. Then I immediately get peaceful and content. To recap: this model goes 0 to 60 in 0.5 seconds, and back again.

My parents know I’m content with they hear me make a kitty-like meow. At that point, Dad starts signing a line from Bruce Springsteen’s “Kitty’s Back.” They’re always happy to hear that Kitty’s back in town.

I’ve been surprisingly busy for my first few days home. We all went to my pediatrician, Dr. Buchalter, on Wednesday for my first checkup. I passed with flying colors – he even took off my umbilical cord! I was on my best behavior, which made Mom and Dad very happy. Then on Thursday night, Mom and Dad took me to the Baptism instruction class. Everyone in class introduced themselves and their babies, and everyone was impressed that one couple brought their 12-day old. Then Dad spoke up and said I was only six days old – I guess we won. Again, I was pretty well-behaved, even when they showed us that weird Baptism video from the ’70s.

Mom and Dad have been taking my picture a lot since last Friday, as you can expect. In fact, they’ve put together this slideshow, featuring their favorite photos from my first week, so take a look and marvel at how adorable I am!

That’s it for now, because… Kitty’s back!