Monday, June 25, 2007

One-month wonder

Today is a very important day, and no, not because Christmas is just six months away (yes, I’m counting). It’s my one-month birthday! How time flies…it seems like just yesterday that Mom was freaking out in the hospital nursery because even though I was breathing peacefully in her arms, my heart monitor had just flatlined (turns out she had accidentally pulled one of the wires out. Oops!); or that Dad was so sleep-deprived after I first came home that he did a load of laundry only to discover after the washer finished that he had never bothered to put the clothes in; or that I disrupted Mom and Dad’s sleeping by crying because I was ready for a feeding (okay, that last one did happen yesterday, but shouldn’t I also get some credit for sleeping six consecutive hours last night, which was a new record for me?).

Mom, Dad and I have learned a lot in the past month: what works (swaddles and our white noise CD, which puts me to sleep with sounds like rainfall and a hair dryer) and what doesn’t (my original type of formula, and thinking that they could feed me without using formula). I’ve become so much more attentive to my surroundings, and I’m discovering new things each day. Yesterday, my two hands finally met each other, and they’ve been in close contact ever since. While many things have changed (my bathroom habits, for one), a few things remain the same (I still love to eat – as much as 6 oz. at a feeding).

Dad won’t be around today to celebrate my birthday, because he has to stay late at work to attend a screening of some movie called Ratatouille (which, come to think of it, he really should be taking me to see). Funny that he doesn’t have time for me, but he found the time to take Mom on their second “date” on Saturday (they went to church and then took Mom out for sushi for the first time since she first became pregnant). Instead, he put together this slideshow of some of our favorite moments from my first month. Best of all, it features my favorite song of all time (you’ll understand why once you hear it).

That’s it for today. I’ll tackle the next batch of questions later in the week (so don’t forget to send me a query).