Friday, June 8, 2007

Two week's notice

Wow, it’s already two weeks ago today that I was born. I can’t believe it. Time flies when you’re doing nothing but sleeping, eating, pooping and crying.

Dad was in a particularly good mood today, and not just because it was my two-week birthday. After two excruciating years dealing with Comcast cable, today we switched over to Verizon FiOS. He kept telling me how this was going to make his life easier and save us some money. Save us some money? Obviously he thinks my diapers and formula grow on trees. He won’t be having any extra money for a looooong time, especially once he hears about my plans to follow in Mom’s footsteps and go to Yale.

But this blog isn’t about my dad’s happiness, it’s about mine. And today, frankly, I’ve been pretty cranky. I know why, but I’m not telling Mom and Dad. It’s fun watching them trying to figure out what’s wrong with me, not realizing that the answer is right under their nose. After I have my fun crying for a good long while, I suddenly go to sleep without warning. I really like playing head games with them, doing nutty things like hitting myself repeatedly in the head with my arm, just to see how they react. That will teach Dad for making a sleep-deprived mistake and calling me “Madeline” in an email to everyone announcing our email address change. He will pay for that. Oh yes, he will pay.

Speaking of email, if you have a question for me, please write me at (for those of you who already have my real address, this email gets forwarded to that account). I might answer your question in a future blog posting.

Dad decided that my oh-so-cute photos on the blog are only telling half the story about my frequent mood swings, so he put together a new slideshow, which he says will give a more realistic view of all the emotions I go through in a typical hour.

That’s it for now. Dad is going back to work on Wednesday, so we’re going to try and make the most of our last few days together.