Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Can you hear me now?

Well, it took three tries, but—hooray!—I finally passed my hearing test in both ears. When they did my hearing test the day I left the hospital, I passed in the right ear. But because I had fluid in my ears from the antibiotics and some wax buildup (thanks, Mom and Dad!), I had problems with the left ear test, and had to go back to the hospital twice for retests. So remember, I can hear you loud and clear, but I reserve the right to ignore you at my discretion.

On Sunday I helped Dad celebrate his first Father’s Day. I gave him a Father’s Day card (some of the letters were backwards, but I wrote it all by myself!), and Mom got him a silver picture frame, engraved with my name, with one of my cutest photos in it. Grandma, Grandpa, Babcia, Dido and Aunt Jess came over for a barbeque, and I spent all day being pampered by them. At one point, all five visitors huddled over my bassinet and watched me sleep for an hour. Lots of excitement! That night, just as Father’s Day was winding down, I also made sure to leave Dad an extra special Father’s Day present in my diaper.

Ah yes, my dreaded diaper changes. Without getting too graphic, let’s just say that I’ve elevated the proceedings to a whole new, scary (and, too bad for Mom and Dad, no longer odor-free) level.

Until now, they never knew what to expect at my changing, but lately I’ve been spending a good 15 minutes or so (once or twice a day) grunting and scrunching up my face, so they have an inkling of the toxic horrors that await. Yesterday morning, I woke Mom and Dad up at 6:30 with a spirited round of intense grunting. I heard them laughing at me, but they weren’t laughing when they had to change my diaper a few minutes later!

Dad has been back to work now for a whole week, and I’ve been giving Mom a run for her money. First, I lulled her into false sense of security as she kept reading that babies my age should sleep about 16 hours a day. Ha! Instead, I’m pretty much staying up the whole day – from time to time I’ll fall asleep in her arms, but if I catch her putting me down, or in the swing, then I let her have it! Dad and Mom say I’m a walking time bomb: pull the pin (i.e. take out my pacifier, which I sometimes do myself), and watch me explode! That means that Mom can’t get all that much done during the day, until Dad comes home to take me off of her hands. When he gets home, Dad takes me until my 11 pm/midnight feeding while Mom sleeps for a few hours (she hasn’t been making it much past 10), then he goes to bed and Mom takes the early morning feedings so Dad isn’t a complete zombie when he goes to work (instead, he’s only a half-zombie). In the morning, Dad gets up early so he can look after me for a good 30-45 minutes while Mom showers and eats breakfast. Then he leaves for work right around the time that I start crying for the day. Sorry, Mom!

I’ll get to the Ask Julia questions a little later in the week, but the pickings are slim right now, so I’m hoping that you’ll send along a few additional queries for me before then. I’m very opinionated and have a lot to say (hey, there’s more to me than just looking cute and crying all day, you know!), so be sure to shoot me a question or two.