Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Blame Canada

Just wanted to pop in with a quick posting to let everyone know that things will be pretty quiet around here for the next week. My Dad, who acts as my official blog typist, is leaving in a few hours to cover the Toronto Film Festival for work, and he’ll be gone for six whole days! He’s sad to go, and Mom and I are even sadder to see him leave. I know he’s worried that he’ll be missing out on a few big milestones for me that seem to be right around the corner. Most notably, I’m getting really close to rolling over from my back onto my tummy. Right now I can get there halfway on my own, then my pesky arm gets in the way. Mom has been helping me over the hump, but I know that I’ll get the hang of it myself any day now.

Mom and Dad have been enjoying listening to my latest utterances, which frequently sound like playful (though loud) growling. Maybe if I keep it up, they’ll let me audition for The Lion King on Broadway!

Mom and I seriously considered going up to Toronto to spend a few days with Dad, but we’ve decided to wait until we can all travel, and relax, together. Instead, we’ve got so many exciting activities planned, including (hopefully) my first-ever trip to the zoo. With any luck, Dad will be back before I know it. I just hope I remember him! (Kidding, Dad!)

Hope you all have a good week, and send lots of questions so I can make a big splash when I return late next week.