Friday, September 14, 2007

Shore leave

Wow, so much time has passed, and so much has happened, since I last wrote! As I had mentioned, my blog hiatus was due to the fact that Dad had to leave for six whole days to go to the Toronto International Film Festival for work. He was very busy, seeing 24 movies in six days (and he said some of those movies were so long that he would have had to feed me twice during them). I was very busy as well, and I enlisted Mom to email Dad each day to keep him updated. Here are excerpts from those emails so you can get an idea of what I’ve been up to:

Sept. 6
Mommy, Babcia, Dido and I headed up to Soyuzivka (Mommy says you call it the “roach motel” because the last time she stayed there she saw roaches). It was a VERY long car trip but I decided to make it easier on everybody and slept the whole way (1.75 hours!). Once we got there however, I demanded food immediately. We walked around the resort a little bit, but there really was no one there, except lots of trees.

I guess everyone was hungry since we stopped at the Mountain Brahaus German restaurant nearby. Mommy said that you would have enjoyed the sausage platter on the menu - it included bratwurst, bockwurst and knackwurst! Mommy decided to have the salmon burger and didn't like it much (why did she order salmon in a German restaurant?). I went poo in the restaurant just to keep things interesting.

Sept. 7
Mommy and I practiced rolling over and back again a lot. I always laugh when we play that game - it's fun! I wish I could do it on my own.

Sept. 8
We went back to the store with the orange and pink letters. The woman at the counter gave mom 2 chocolate munchkins and said they were for me. Mommy took them and ate them herself - why didn't she give them to me?

Later, Mommy was carrying my friend Isabella. I guess it was Isabella's christening - Mommy said Isabella was very well behaved. I got to see lots of new people - everyone said how cute I was. Several people confused me with Isabella and tried to give me envelopes. I declined. I watched all of these kids play outside - they were running around, riding bikes. When will I get to do all of that?

Sept. 9
Did you know that my Halloween butterfly costume came in? It's so pretty. I don't quite get Halloween, but I think it means I get to eat chocolate. How exciting! Speaking of butterflies, Mommy keeps putting me in the papasan seat during showers. Today, she placed the butterflies in front of me. I easily grabbed them and ripped them off (you know, they are only attached by velcro). I then put them in my mouth (of course). Mommy was laughing in the shower.

Sept. 10
Mommy and Babcia dressed me in my Halloween costume - I didn't like it much, but that was because it was in the 80s and that costume is hot! I tried to tell them not to put me in it, but they wouldn't listen.

I may get up again in the middle of the night to see if Mommy is doing anything. I'll keep you posted.

Sept. 11
Did I tell you what I learned yesterday? The cabinets in the kitchen open up and there is lots of stuff inside! It is so neat. I spent a good half hour looking at everything - I don't even know the names of everything - I have so much to learn!

Mommy introduced me to the band The Killers today and had me dancing on a tabletop. She told me that I should never, ever dance on tabletops outside of our house. Why in the world would I ever do that?

So that was my busy week. Even though I had lots to do, I was so thrilled when my Dad came home on Wednesday. He was worried that I wouldn’t remember him, but it was like we didn’t miss a beat, because I was grinning from ear to ear when he came back.

Once we were all back together again, Mom and Dad took me on my first trip down the shore. We visited Long Branch (where Mom and Dad first met, at a wedding where they were both in the wedding party) and Spring Lake.

I really liked both places, but I wish that Mom and Dad weren’t so worried about shielding me from the sun. I’m too young for sunscreen, and I have my Dad’s complexion, so they have to make sure I don’t burn! So even though I was kept under wraps, I still had a ball. I hope we go back again next year!

While the shore itself was fun, our hotel room (the first time I was ever in one) was more of a mixed bag. I cried when we first got in there, and while I eventually adjusted to the room, I was very relieved when we finally returned home.

My favorite part of the hotel by far was the pool. I borrowed some swim diapers from my friend Isabella and Dad took me for my first dip in the pool. It was great, just like getting a bath (which I like a lot more these days). I was mesmerized by the reflections off the water.

That’s it for now. Hopefully this long post made up for my absence over the past week. I have a lot more to write — happily, there are a ton of Ask Julia questions to answer — but I have to rest up for a big weekend. I’m going to be visiting Grandma and Grandpa tomorrow night, which is always a treat. I promise to post again soon, so have a good weekend and we’ll chat again before long.