Sunday, September 30, 2007

Family feud

It’s October, and you know what that means. No, not Halloween (although I can’t wait for that!)….I’m talking about the baseball playoffs! With lots of help from yours truly once I came along, the onetime-flatlining Yankees pulled themselves together to become the hottest team over the last few months and earn a wildcard berth. This playoff season could make for some ruffled feathers among lots of my friends and family: several of them (including Dido) are rooting for the Boston Red Sox, while many others (including Grandma and Aunt Paula) are cheering on the Cleveland Indians—the Yanks’ first round opponent—while still other fans of the blog are pulling (less fervently) for the Philadelphia Phillies.

I’m looking forward to watching the playoffs, and I’ll try not to rub it in too much when the Yanks beat the Tribe (the two teams played each other six times during the regular season; the Yankees won all six games). And A-Rod: for once, don’t choke this postseason!

Speaking of choking, you would have thought I was a Mets fan the way I’ve been crying the past several days.

If I’m not in my stroller or carseat, I’ve been refusing to go to sleep during the day, no matter how tired I am. Instead, I end up throwing a rapidly-escalating tantrum that isn’t fun for anyone. I’ve definitely got to work on succumbing to naptime.

Otherwise, I’ve been enjoying the weekend with Mom and Dad, especially now that my nasal congestion has passed. For the first weekend in ages, we didn’t have to visit anyone or have anyone visit us. As much as I like seeing friends and family, it was so nice to have Mom and Dad all to myself this weekend.

Now that I’m feeling better, I started solid foods again this weekend (just a little rice mixed with formula). By Sunday, I was already starting to get used to it, and actually ingesting at least a tiny bit of what Dad and Mom put in my mouth. Plus, I finally got to sit in my highchair for the first time. I’m glad Mom and Dad finally got the hint, as I’d been staring longingly at the thing for a whole week.

Beyond that, I’ve already gotten better at munching on my toes (Dad had to help me a bit last week, but now I’ve figured it out myself). And I just love all the time I’ve been spending with Babcia and Dido. They say they haven’t laughed this much in ages; hey, I’m happy to oblige!

Since there were no Ask Julia questions (and what’s up with that? Send ‘em along!), I guess I’ll be signing off. Go Yanks!