Saturday, September 1, 2007

Labor Day...wasn’t that on May 25?

So long, summer! I can’t believe it’s already September. This big holiday weekend, which marks the end of summer, has certainly been much quieter than the one that kicked off summer (that would be Memorial Day weekend, when I was born).

As Dad had warned me, I barely saw him this week. But Mom kept me so busy that honestly, I hardly even noticed.

Every day, she took me for walks, or shopping (she keeps taking me to the toy store in town, and every time I squeal at a toy, she buys it for me. Remind me to start doing that on big-ticket items. It’s never too early to get my first car!). I attract attention everywhere I go, as passersby and store workers alike keep fawning over me.

On Tuesday, we visited Mom’s very nice friend Todao, who lives up in Scarsdale. She has the biggest house I’ve ever seen! It’s a good thing I’m not crawling or walking yet, because it might have taken Mom months to find me in there.

Mom and I felt bad about going to the Montclair Art Museum without him the other week, so all three of us went back today to check out the comic book exhibit. I had slept through it the last time around, but I was up to see a bit of it this time around. I liked seeing the huge replicas of Superman and Spider-Man, though otherwise I was more interested in the overhead lights.

These days, you’ll often see me gnawing at my fingers and arms.

Those of you who were concerned about my thumb sucking can rest easy, as I’ve become an equal opportunity sucker: multiple fingers, my whole fist, sometimes fingers from both hands at once. Mom and Dad wonder if I’m starting to teeth, which would also explain the nightly meltdowns that I’ve started having. Also, while I’m still pretty much sleeping through the night, I’m getting up early in the morning and crying for a pacifier before I go back down. Mom thinks I might do it because I get chilly at night (I’m so big now that I usually am able to wiggle out of Dad’s swaddles before the morning).

Here’s an Ask Julia question from Mom’s cousin Arita, who lives in Boston:

When will you go to your first Red Sox/Yankees game?
I’m surprised you asked this, as I figured you’d be too glum this week, seeing as the Yanks swept the Sox! (Sorry, I don’t mean to gloat, but we’ll take what we can get since we’re still 5 games back from you.)

I asked Dad about this, and he says that he won’t be taking me to one of those games for a long while because he’d be too worried about me. Apparently the Yanks-Red Sox games are almost as crazy as the Yanks-Mets matchups, which always brings out the looniest people. In fact, Dad isn’t even sure when he’ll be taking me to any Yankees game (tomorrow, he’s actually going to his first game since I was born). More likely, we’ll all go to a minor league game here in town, maybe next summer.

As always, don’t forget to send me questions, and enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend.