Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Working Mom

There’s so much to talk about today, but unfortunately we have to begin on a sad note. My Mom’s beloved cockatiel, Dante, passed away on Friday. Mom has known him for 22 years (he was found in a cemetery, so no one knows how old he really was), and even though he stayed with Babcia and Dido once Mom left for college, she always felt like he was still hers. So she’s very sad (as were Babcia and Dido), which means that I’m sad too.

I didn’t get to spend much time with him, but Mom did make sure we hung out from time to time. Mom, Babcia and Dido buried him in our backyard, so I’ll make sure to visit him when I can.

I’m also sad to say that this was Mom’s first day back at work after four months of maternity leave. We had such a wonderful summer together! I know that it was tough for her to leave me at home, but I’m looking forward to spending my days with Babcia and Dido.

For today only, Dad took off to help ease the transition, and I most certainly did not enjoy the schedule he had planned for me! We went to the doctor’s for my checkup (I continue growing by leaps and bounds; now I weigh 17 lbs. 14 oz. and measure 27 inches!). As if things weren’t bad enough because it was my feeding time and there was no bottle in sight, the nurse gave me three shots! I had a meltdown in the office, but really, it serves Dad right!

At least Mom’s last days of maternity leave were packed with terrific activities. We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa, and I had a blast with them. They showed me off to their friends and walked me around the neighborhood. Then on Tuesday, Mom, Dad and I went to the Turtleback Zoo. It was my first trip to a zoo. I saw penguins, an otter, turtles, billy goats, toucans and peacocks. Okay, I didn’t really see most of those things, as I was fast asleep for most of the visit. But I did stay awake long enough to go on a fun train ride with Dad.

In my last posting, I completely forgot to update you on all the neat stuff I learned to do over the past couple of weeks. I can now grab things (mostly to put them in my mouth), like my bottle. Over the weekend, I actually switched my new rattle from one hand to the other…twice! I really wasn’t aware I was doing it, but it still counts as a milestone! Additionally, I’m more prone to crying now that I’m teething, and I’m started making a new sound to entertain Mom and Dad. It’s a cross between a squeal and a growl. The best thing about it is that it’s all-purpose — I can use it when I’m excited and angry —so Mom and Dad are never quite sure what mood I’m in. I’m unleashing this thing all the time, and it’s working out splendidly. I also switched from slow-flow to fast-flow nipples, after I started to get really frustrated at how long my feedings were taking. Now we’re done in 15 minutes flat! Just yesterday, Dad took the carseat adapter off of my stroller, so now I’m facing forward in the stroller and using the thing the way it was intended.

I never like being in that carrier, so this is fine by me! Finally, I’ve outgrown Dad’s super-snug swaddles and now I sleep in a sleep sack to keep me warm at night.

During my blog absence, I received some great Ask Julia questions. These first ones are from my Aunt Rebecca, who always comes up with the best questions for me:

First of all, what kind of bedtime/daytime stories do your parents read to you? Which is your favorite? Why?
Mom and Babcia have been reading what I like to call "feeding time" (instead of bedtime) stories. After I eat, I like to relax a bit and listen to them. I love the Curious George books and my Princess book (which has fuzzy pages that I can chew for dessert).

If your dad has been reading his magazine to you, you are probably aware of the fact that Britney Spears has come under attack for her poor parenting skills. What advice would you give to Britney about what it really is that her sons want and need from her?
They just want her not to wake them up in the middle of the night when she comes in from partying.

When will your dad get a chance to go to the Cannes Film Festival, and when he does, will you go, and most importantly, what kind of outfit would you like to wear? Do you have a favorite designer?
Of course I will go. After realizing how long he’s away at these things, I already have plans to lay a major guilt trip on him the next time around. Where is Cannes anyway? I would definitely wear an outfit by Baby Naartjie, though perhaps if I’m going to Cannes I can convince them to give me something custom-made instead of off-the-rack.

Besides baseball and the New York Yankees, what is your next favorite sport and sports team?
I was going to say football and the New York Jets, since that is my Dad’s team, but after their 0-2 start I might have to switch to the New England Patriots. But that would make Dad very sad, so it might be safer to root for the UConn basketball teams alongside Dido.

Are you interested in boys yet?
If by boys you mean Daddy, Uncle Ryan, Dido and Grandpa, then yes, I'm very interested in them! Especially when they have a bottle for me.

And these two questions were sent in by Aunt Paula:

On your Blame Canada blog, there was the cutest picture of you in the pink outfit with the hat. You looked adorable. Are you getting used to wearing hats?
Good eyes, Aunt Paula! I am starting to like hats, slowly but surely. My first instinct is no longer to scream bloody murder when Mom or Dad put a hat on me. Partly because when the weather is chilly, I need a hat to keep me warm. But mostly, I realize how adorable I look in hats and I’ve already learned that when it comes to fashion, sometimes you have to sacrifice comfort for style.

Before you know it you will start crawling. What do you have planned once that happens?
Don’t be so sure that I’ll be a crawler! I know a few people that skipped crawling entirely and went right to walking. I might do the same thing. I already love standing (with a little help from Mom and Dad of course); it’s my favorite position. It’s so much fun, in fact, that I might not even bother with crawling at all. We’ll have to see. But regardless of whether I crawl or walk, my plans are to zero in on the one thing in the house that Mom and Dad haven’t babyproofed and cause as much trouble as possible.

This has been a looooong posting, so I should wrap things up. I’ll let you know how my first days go with my new nannies: Babcia and Dido. In the meantime, my mailbox is now empty, so be sure to send some Ask Julia questions my way.