Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ask Julia: 7/5/08

Here's one last holiday weekend update, to answer the latest questions that Aunt Paula sent my way.

Are you saying new words every day? You can sure tell that your parents and Babcia and Dido talk to you alot. Have you learned the word "no" yet?
I'm saying new words today, just not words that anyone but me would understand. I have selective memory when it comes to the word "no." Sometimes I stop what I'm doing, and sometimes I just keep on going. But yes, I'm usually aware that when someone tells me "no," it means I'm doing something that I shouldn't be.

Do you have a picnic planned for this weekend, or are you and your parents just going to rest and enjoy the time together? Maybe you will get to play in your pool.
Yesterday we went to a BBQ that Dad's friends were having, where we met their new baby Gwen. She was so cute and tiny. Mom and Dad said they don't think I was ever that small, and it turns out they were right. Gwen still weighs about a pound less than my birth weight! Other than that, it's been a strange weekend because Mom and Dad are around but Dad is on weekend duty so I'm not seeing much of him. But Mom has taken me to all sorts of great places, like Babcia and Dido's for a sleepover last night (the July 4 fireworks display in town happens basically in our backyard, which would have been way too loud for me as I tried to sleep). And the pool seems to be out too, since the weather is so rainy. In fact, Mom was going to take me into the city today to go to the Central Park Zoo, but the forecast looks lousy. So we went to the mall instead.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and as always, send me questions!