Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The breakfast club

Before we talk about Austin, let's recap the trip I took right before that, to Sesame Place. It's a Sesame Street-themed kids theme park in Pennsylvania, and pretty much the best place in the world (other than Turks and Caicos). Mom and Dad kicked things off with a bang, taking me to a character breakfast with a bunch of my Sesame Street pals. There was Zoe (above) who I always confuse with Abby Cadabby, and then there was Big Bird...

And Bert and Ernie...and of course, Elmo!

It took me longer to warm up to them than it did in Turks & Caicos, until Dad came up with the perfect icebreaker: having me give them five. After that, we were all best friends again. Here's a montage of all the characters I met at breakfast. I got to have multiple visits with a few of them:

That was one of the day's big highlights, but there's plenty more to talk about, so check back tomorrow.