Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SuzyQ swimtime

Here's a bit more from my visit to SuzyQ (Soyuzivka). It was a hot day, but Mom, Dad, Babcia and Dido kept me cool by taking me for a dip in the baby pool. It's the same pool that Babcia took Mom in when she was a baby.

Yes, you read that sign right. The water was only 3 inches deep in the shallow end. That was a mixed blessing, because while I could walk around without Mom and Dad worrying about me too much (though Dad was always right at my side), when I inevitably stumbled, I would often scrape myself a bit on the bottom. But for the most part, I was happy to splash and walk around, and throw my shoes in the water.

Also, since the pool was so shallow, I eventually figured out how to pull myself out. It was just like crawling up a step.

Here's a video of my swinging (on the playground) and swimming exploits at SuzyQ.

Finally, I wanted to mention that while I will be away for the rest of the week (Mom and Dad said we're taking two trips!), I'm going to prepare some posts in advance that will automatically be published at some point during each of the next three days. So don't worry, because while I'll be doing some traveling in real life, here on the blog I'm not going anywhere.