Monday, September 15, 2008

Ask Julia: 9/15/08

Before I get to today's Ask Julia questions, I wanted to send some good thoughts in the direction of my loyal reader Aunt Rebecca, who along with Uncle Dan is cleaning up after Hurricane Ike, which has made a mess of things for them down in Houston. I'm glad to hear you guys made it through, and I hope you're up and running again soon. Hang in there!

I finally have some new Ask Julia questions to tackle, thanks to Aunt Paula. Here we go:

First, with all the dancing and spinning around that you do, do you ever get so dizzy that you have to sit down?
You would think so, but no. I don't stagger any more than usual after a spin session.

I like your new rain boots. I like the MEOW on them. I have a cat too. Do you think that you might get to see my cat at some time?
I would love to! I really love seeing cats and dogs, and I start squealing every time I spot one. Yesterday, two of the neighborhood dogs were in my front yard. I was so happy!

You move about the rooms in your house very well. Have you been able to open any of the doors or gates yet? I sure hope not.
Not yet, but I've begun to understand how they open. I can reach for the doorknob and the latch for the gate, but I just haven't put all the pieces together yet to get the job done. Give me time.

Do you think that you are able to pull the wool over either of your parents eyes yet? Which one of your parents is the push over?
I try, especially now that I know how to say the word no. For example, when Mom and Dad ask if I have a dirty diaper, I tell them no and hope that keeps them from changing me. But unfortunately the smell gives me away.

No question, Mom is the bigger pushover, along with Dido. Dad and Babcia are the taskmasters. That's not to say that I can't manipulate them too, but it's tougher.

That's it for today, so how about you start filling up my inbox again?