Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Candle holders

I see Isabella a couple times a week at the park, but we haven't had an actual playdate at one of our homes all summer long. So over the weekend, I went over to her place for the first time since I took my first steps in May. We had a good time playing (kind of) together.

Even our disagreements were quite civil. But before I could play with Isabella, I tried my darndest to find Kenni, her cat who delighted me so much during my last visit. Here's a video of my bilingual search for Kenni, as I searched every inch of Isabella's house (on the ground floor, at least). Did I find her? Well, you'll have to watch to find out:

So no, I didn't ever find Kenni but I discovered something even better: lunch! I did keep looking for Kenni, but I eventually came up with other stuff to do, like clean up after myself!

Here's a look at my afternoon at Isabella's. We clowned around a bit together (and her brother Alec was acting silly too), then I picked up that mop and went to work!