Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dancing with the Ukes

A few notes on yesterday's post. In the second video of me playing around at Isabella's, you see me do two new things. First, I crawl backwards to get down the step (and I start from way far away!), and then, for the very first time ever, I went back up the step normally, just like a big girl. Also, Isabella wrote in last night (at least someone has remembered my email address) to say that she finally located Kenni — the cat I spent my whole visit searching for in vain — in the attic. Next time I'm over, that's the first place I'm looking for her!

Now on to my other big outing of last weekend, to Babcia and Dido's Ukrainian church picnic. There weren't pony rides like at my church picnic, but there was something almost as good: one of those inflatable playgrounds that you can jump around in. Because I haven't mastered jumping yet, I was content to just stumble around instead.

Then Babcia took me to watch some Ukrainian dancing. But instead of doing traditional Ukrainian dances, these kids were doing more standard ballroom moves. They were really good, especially for that age, and by the time they finished up I couldn't resist showing off a few steps of my own.

I hoped you enjoyed that kiss! And did you notice me walking backward? I've been doing that lately — I just discovered that I can walk in that direction too!