Monday, April 21, 2008

Ask Julia: 4/21/08

I was cooking up something special for the latest Ask Julia column—pasta!— but instead we have to pause for breaking medical news:

Unable to shake this congestion after two weeks (and now I'm coughing too!), I visited the doctor today for my first non-checkup appointment. The good news is that my lungs and ears are clear, so it's just a matter of letting the congestion run its course (which it had better do before vacation!). I also got weighed...and I'm now up to 26 lbs. 2 oz., which is about three times my birth weight.

Now on to Aunt Paula's questions:

I know that your vacation is coming up soon. Are you taking a little shovel and pail with you so that you can build a castle in the sand? What do your parents have planned for you there?
Yes, we're taking along a shovel and pail, although Mom and Dad said we'll probably be spending more time by the pool, and not as much on the beach (probably for the best, so I won't try to eat sand). I'll also have an innertube-like floatation device to keep me secure in the water. I'm not sure about specific plans, other than lots of pooltime and lots of naptime. Sounds perfect to me!

I bet your dad cannot wait to see you. Do you think he will be bringing you something special back? Please let us know what it is.
He did bring me something back from L.A.: clothes from one of my favorite labels, Naartjie. They are on the West Coast, so Mom always has to order clothes online. But Dad was able to go there in person, and bring me back a couple cute summer outfits.