Monday, April 14, 2008

Beach-y keen

It's time for my monthly congestion, but this has been a little worse than usual. In fact, I had to miss my swimming lesson today, which was sad. While I recuperate (and look for my Dad, who seems to be missing. Where is this L.A. place, anyway?), I'm going to turn today's posting over to our first-ever guest columnist, my best friend Isabella. She wrote to update me on the beach vacation she just took with her family:

Hi. We just got back from vacation and I heard that you were going to a warm beach too. You're going to LOVE IT!!!! There's lots of blue water (a little salty, but tastier than the YMCA pool water) and sand (fun to walk on, but not a great food item, unfortunately.) Definitely bring a pail and shovel. Alec was intent on building something with his sand toys, but it's way more fun to just sit on a tower that someone else has built. I wonder why he didn't see it that way?

I was happy to hear that you have a lot of bathing suits. You definitely need at least 3: one for before your morning nap, one for before your afternoon nap, and one for late in the day. Your parents will probably make you wear a huge hat like mine made me, but (don't tell them) it's not so bad.

And there'll be a fun new hotel room to check out. I bet your room will have a full-length mirror like mine did. One of my best friends lives in it—she's always so happy to see me. And it's good to know that there's another toddler with as little hair as me.

The best part was all the fruit-strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, oh my! All you have to do is smile at the restaurant and someone brings you more. My mom and dad said that doesn't happen to everyone, just the cute short set. Whatever that means...I'm not short!

I hope we'll see you at Tinga tomorrow!

Thanks Isabella! Now I'm even more excited for our trip. I'm going to work on getting better—Babcia and Dido are giving me plenty of fresh air, which is helping—and will check back tomorrow.