Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ask Julia: 4/6/08

While I continued picking up items for our upcoming vacation, Aunt Paula checked in with her weekly Ask Julia questions:

It sure looked to me that you enjoy your time in the pool. I know that Babcia holds you tight, but do you also wear a life vest?
No, I don't. We spend some time with flotation devices, but otherwise I know that Babcia will keep me safe and sound.

Your bathing suit is so cute. Do you have many? Do you think that you will be getting a new one for each day in the islands?
I have four swimsuits. Mom would love me to get even more for our trip, but I think Dad is resisting. Pretty typical behavior from both of them when it comes to my belongings.

And that was it for the week. I'm sure Aunt Paula would like some company in the Ask Julia mailbox, so please send some questions my way this week.