Monday, April 7, 2008

Yes I can: 4/7/08

It's been awhile since the debut edition of Yes I Can, and I've accomplished a lot since then. So here's a new rundown of what else I can do:

YES I CAN...outgrow more of my longtime toys, without shedding a tear. I've recently bid farewell to my activity gym, my Jumperoo and my Exersaucer. Dad tried to keep me interested in the Exersaucer, reconfiguring it to the next stage, where I'm able to stand and play with it. But my attitude is been there, done that, so I've been leaving it alone for the most part, except for when my parents pose me there for a photo.

I haven't touched it again since. Buh-bye!

YES I CAN...stand for several seconds at a time. Dad saw me do this multiple times over the weekend, though he never had the camera nearby. I pull myself up, then let go of whatever I'm holding on to and stand for a few seconds, before crashing down on my rump. I hope to win my battle with gravity one of these days.

YES I quite happy in my Pack 'n Play. As part of the latest shuffle of toys, my Pack 'n Play was moved into the kitchen so Babcia, Dido, Mom and Dad have a place to put me while they eat. And it's worked out well for the most part. By the time they are done eating, I'm about ready to get out and do something else.

YES I CAN...continue teething. My one tooth is growing in (you can see it easily now when I smile), but it's got company. Dad thinks he spots another tooth on top, but I won't keep my mouth open long enough to provide confirmation. One thing's certain: I'm definitely teething, between the chomping and the sudden fits of labored crying.

YES I CAN...stick my tongue out.

While upside down, too!