Sunday, April 20, 2008

Warm welcome

And finally, the answer to the big question about how I greeted Dad when he came back home Saturday morning: I gave him a big grin, and then turned back to Mom and continued playing. He said it was exactly what he expected I would do. That also meant no kiss from me. Sorry Dad, better luck next trip!

I greeted Dad with something else, though: a new tooth, my third. That makes two on the bottom, and one on top. He also noticed that I've added a few words to my vocabulary: "ball" (which I also use when referring to a balloon), "baby," "pop" (Dad taught me this one when he was blowing bubbles at me with a bubble wand and I was popping them) and Mom swears she heard me say "peek-a-boo" last week, though I haven't uttered it again since.

After Dad caught a couple extra hours of sleep, he and Mom took advantage of the beautiful warm weather on Saturday and took me out to the park. That meant more fun on the slides and especially the swing, my favorite.

I could have stayed on it all day!

You'll have to pardon my being distracted on the swing, but I was looking at all the other kids swinging with their parents.

After the park, we did something even better. We all went to Applegate's for ice cream, and Mom let me taste ice cream for the first time. It was only vanilla, and sugar-free, but I absolutely loved it! I think they created a monster, because I kept wanting more and more, until Dad finally distracted me so I forgot about it. But as soon as I figure out how to say "ice cream," I'm not going to stop saying it until I get some more!

I have more to share from my latest trip to the park, but you'll have to wait until later in the week.