Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ask Julia: 6/17/08

My mailbox was stuffed with Ask Julia questions, which is always nice—and increasingly rare. First, we have more queries from Aunt Rebecca:

What do you do during the day while being cared for by Babcia and Dido?
The better question is, what don't I do? There are walks, storytime (at the library and at Barnes & Noble), reading, working on my Ukrainian vocabulary, strolling around town, visiting the park, going to the mall, napping, eating and watching Babcia and Dido do work in the yard...and that's just the stuff off the top of my head. They keep me busy—and happy!

What are your favorite foods? Your least favorite foods?
My favorite foods right now are "bahn" (bananas), ice cream (though I only get a small amount of it) and yogurt (which is a lot like ice cream). My least favorite food, without a doubt, is anything with cinnamon in it. Yuck!

Do you have a tricycle, big wheels or whatever they're called today? What about a little car? Those can be fun to ride/drive and it's yet another way of being mobile.
I'm not coordinated enough to operate something like that yet, though I do have a "starter"-type wheeled contraption that I push around the house and yard (you can see it in the photo above, and the Deleted Scenes video from over the weekend).

What books have you been reading lately? Television shows and videos?
My favorite books include Baa, Baa, Black Sheep and Baby Words. Still no TV. Don't get me started on that one!

Do you help mommy cook?
I help by "organizing" one of the kitchen cabinets, the only one that's not babyproofed. It's almost like she wants me to play in there!

When you go to NYC, what is your favorite thing to do?
I have not gone in a long time, so I forget what I did the last time. I hope Mom and Dad take me back soon.

After the Yankees swept her Houston Astros over the weekend, Aunt Rebecca wrote again to mention that she attended Sunday's game, when the Yanks won 13-0 (but we lost our ace pitcher, possibly for the season). She also noted that "Yankees fans are extremely rude, even in Houston." If you think we're bad, try hanging around Red Sox, Phillies or Mets fans sometime!

And Aunt Paula chimed in with these questions:

It sure looks like you had a fun time at the Pet Project. What was your favorite animal? Did they have ponies there for you to ride?
The "baa baa" (lamb) was my favorite. There were no ponyrides to be had, alas.

I really liked the picture of you ride the carousel. Do you think that you will be going to a amusement park anytime soon?
I think that would be so much fun, but Dad says I might have to wait another summer to be old enough for that. We're going to Sesame Place this summer, and I know that place has rides, but I'll still have to wait a bit for my first roller coaster!

Are you still going to pool appreciation classes?
I'm between swimming semesters right now, though I'm going in the pool almost every day (more on that later this week).

Thanks for the questions. I sure wish some of my other readers would send in questions too. Hint hint!