Friday, June 6, 2008

My playdate with Tayrn

I don't usually share the spotlight on my blog, especially not with another baby, but I made an exception for Taryn, the four-month-old daughter of Mom's friend To-dao, who visited us last weekend.

She was very nice (and so were her parents. Her dad entertained me with my "Five Little Monkeys" hand puppet), but I have to say, she was kind of boring. No talking, no walking, no crawling...what's up with that? Mom and Dad said that I used to be that way too when I was her age, but I don't believe them.

Here's some video from her visit. Taryn makes some cute faces and sounds, while I flash the patented "Abby face" (i.e. scowl) from time to time.

Have a good weekend, everyone!