Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ask Julia: 6/3/08

As I've gotten taller and smarter, I can get into even more trouble these days. Look, now I can reach my iPod!

We haven't done an Ask Julia for awhile, so here goes with a couple questions from Aunt Paula:

It sure looks like you had a wonderful birthday. You sure enjoyed the tunnel that you got from your mom and dad. It looks like fun. Can adults fit in that?
They could squeeze in there if they really tried, but it's meant for kids.

I heard that you got lots of great toys and clothes. Will you be modeling any of your new outfits soon? The dress that you wore on your birthday and the one on the day after were beautiful. Who were you wearing? Do you have a favorite designer yet?
Thanks. My birthday dress was purchased by Mom and Dad; the dress that I wore the next day to the iris gardens was a gift from Grandma. I'll slowly start wearing my new outfits. Over the weekend I wore the dress that Aunt Ileana and her family bought for me:

But I still don't have a favorite designer yet. I like anything that looks cute on me, and that includes a lot of things these days!

If you guys have other questions for me, send them along as always.