Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ask Julia: 6/26/08

The Ask Julia questions are piling up, so let's get down to business. First up is Aunt Rebecca, who has been on fire these past couple weeks with great questions:

Do you have any baby dolls yet, Julia? I remember that Diana used to love to cut their hair, and I suspect that if you ask Aunt Paula, she can tell you stories about her dolls too.
The only real doll that I have is that Corolle doll, and I react to it the same way I did here back in November—by pulling a Hannibal Lecter:

If you like both bananas and ice cream, ask your mom to make you a banana split one of these hot summer days. Have you ever been allowed to drink soda pop? You can put ice cream in a glass filled with soda and have another great drink. I have a feeling, though, that these are not on your mom's approved list.
Babcia and Dido have already let me have fruit and ice cream together, and you're right, it's very tasty! No soda yet, though. I'm sure my head would go kaboom.

Any chance of getting a pet?
Given Dad's allergies, and the chance that I might have them too, I don't think so. And that's okay, because I still get nervous when I see animals up close.

Which parent do you prefer riding with in the car?
Mom of course, just because I prefer doing just about anything with her. But my driving experience is about to change dramatically, because as of yesterday my car seat got turned around and I'm now facing forward. It's a whole new world ahead of me!

You look like you've grown. What size are you wearing now?
I wear some 24 mos. outfits and some 2T.

When you go to church, do you have to go to the cry room, or are you well enough behaved to sit with the rest of the congregation?
I go to the cry room now, but Mom and Dad are toying with taking me out one of these Sundays. We'll see if I can resist the urge to start babbling.

What is your favorite flower?
I don't have one yet, but Dad let me smell the flowers in the back of church last week, and I made him take me back to the roses at least a dozen times so I could keep sniffing. So for now, I'd say roses are pretty high up on the list.

Here's what Aunt Paula wanted to know this week:

You seemed to be walking very well. When you go out with your parents or with Babcia and Dido, do you do a lot of walking?
I do! Every day I walk more and more. Then I get tired out and make them carry me. Dido has noticed that I keep trying to walk to the pharmacy a couple blocks away. Maybe I want to be a pharmacist like him!

I just love your little swimming pool. I really like the way you get into it. Do you think that your pool classes have helped?
Perhaps, but the water is so shallow, I'd say that it's more like my baths and less like being in the swimming pool. But the classes helped me feel comfortable in the water, just like Music Together helped me find the beat when I listen to music.

I know by the video that you say mommy. Do you say daddy? Have you given your dad a kiss yet?
I say "Daddy" all the time. I haven't given him a kiss, but I've allowed him to give me a kiss, so that's progress. But I haven't really kissed Mom for awhile either, so maybe it's just part of a more general "no kissing" phase I'm going through. .

Do you have something planned for the 4th of July? Are there going to be any fireworks for you to see? Maybe you could talk your mom and dad into letting you stay up. Take an extra nap!
I think I would enjoy them, but yes, it would interfere with my bedtime, and Mom and Dad don't like to do that. But the fireworks are basically in our backyard (they set them off in the park a block away), so I don't know if I'll be able to sleep through them. Although I've been sleeping through several loud thunderstorms over the past couple weeks, so who knows.

Thanks for the always-great questions. I wish other people would write me questions too, but I guess only Aunt Paula and Aunt Rebecca love me. I'm sure I'll get over the rejection...some day.